The Miracle of Hitler’s Economic Recovery

Mike King
Tomato Bubble
October 14, 2013

SUMMER, 1936

It has been just 3 & 1/2 years since Hitler began instituting his program for economic recovery. Foreign visitors to the Berlin Olympics cannot help but notice the optimistic spirit of the reborn German people. This is a fact of history that even the German hating fanatic William Shirer reluctantly acknowledges in his “authoritative” Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.

The 1936 Berlin Olympics showcased the new Germany. Western visitors came away impressed:



Germany’s recovery from massive unemployment, political unrest, and epidemic suicide numbers, stands as the most stunning economic and social revival in world history. While the West remains mired in the Great Depression, Germany’s economy is booming.

The Rate of Unemployment, which had been at 30% a few years ago, is now in the single digits and falling fast. Productivity is way up, as are wages. By freeing Germany from the heavy taxation of the Weimar Republic, the cruel burden of the Versailles Treaty, and the perpetual interest costs of Weimar’s debt-based Central Bank currency, Hitler has unleashed the private economy, while using the public sector very wisely.



Productivity UP …………….. Unemployment DOWN

Unlike FDR’s wasteful public works programs, Hitler’s public works are useful investments, such as the national highway system which Hitler started building in 1933 (The Autobahn). Hitler himself, who was a great admirer of Henry Ford, sketched the original prototype for the Volkswagen (The People’s Wagon). He wanted every family to be able to buy a car and take a vacation.

Hitler turns the first shovel of dirt for a stretch of The Autobahn highway system.
Hitler’s original sketch of the VolksWagen that he envisioned.

Low taxes, lean government, debt-free currency, and a business friendly environment are the secrets of Hitler’s economic miracle, and of his universal popularity among a grateful German people.



The German people adored Hitler, and with good reason.

In a 1940 speech before factory workers, Hitler “toots his own horn.”

“The whole problem had been solved in one instant, as if by magic…. My dear friends, if I had stated publicly eight or nine years ago: ‘In seven or eight years the problem of how to provide work for the unemployed will be solved, and the problem then will be where to find workers,’ I should have harmed my cause. Every one would have declared: ‘The man is mad. It is useless to talk to him, much less to support him. Nobody should vote for him. He is a fantastic creature.’ Today, however, all this has come true. Today, the only question for us is where to find workers. That, my fellow countrymen, is the blessing which work brings.

Work alone can create new work; money cannot create work. Work alone can create values, values with which to reward those who work. The work of one man makes it possible for another to live and continue to work. And when we have mobilized the working capacity of our people to its utmost, each individual worker will receive more and more of the world’s goods.

We have incorporated seven million unemployed into our economic system; we have transformed another six millions from part-time into full-time workers; we are even working overtime.”


Westwall, Besichtigung durch Adolf Hitler

The working men of Germany trusted Hitler, who was both anti Communist and anti Capitalist / Money Lending.

Along with economic revival, the reborn Germany experiences a cultural and moral rebirth. The NSDAP, whose membership is open to all Germans of sound moral character, cleans up the pornography, homosexualty, and debauchery that thrived under the Weimar State. Classic art makes a comeback, as “modern art” is relegated to its proper status as an object of ridicule.

German Nationalists burn pornographic, homosexual, and Communist books that had proliferated throughout Weimar Republic Germany:



Classical sculpture by Arno Brecker:


The future is looking bright for Germany. Before the German model can spread to other nations, the dark forces of The New World Order seek to destroy it. Read “The Bad War” and see what happens next!