The Minneapolis Riots are Police State Propaganda, A Part of the Simulation

Everything relating to the current narrative in the media is part of a planned event, a large psychodrama designed to lead to a specific outcome.

The end goal of this coronavirus hoax, along with all of the data about the population collected through the social media data mining apparatus, was entered into a computer simulation, and the masters of the universe were given a series of events that would be necessary to bring about the end goal of a totally locked down, impoverished police state where everyone is force-vaccinated and microchipped.

I just realized that I never published my article from April 24 about this simulation being played out. I will go over it and publish it soon. Until then, please get an understanding of this by reading the Wikipedia pages on social simulation and The Game of Life. I am currently in the process of reading Stephen Wolfram’s “A New Kind of Science,” and I will be writing in some detail about the fact that the government and media are running a simulation on us.

The basic facts of our situation are these:

  1. The government has massive psychological profiles on the entire population, gathered through social media data mining.
  2. The social media companies and the media have been running psychological operations on the population in order to see how they’ll respond to certain events, and this has also been entered into computer simulation models.
  3. The computer models can graph out how people will respond to certain events based on these data.
  4. Reactions to events are mapped out in terms of the effects that they will have on the overall psychological state of the people.
  5. The computer simulation creates a path of manufactured events to lead to a specific outcome, and what we are witnessing now is the unfolding of these pre-planned events.

The goal of the Minneapolis riots is to further justify a total police state crackdown. It is likely that these riots are only the beginning of a summer-long series of black riots, which will lead to the military being permanently stationed on the streets of every major American city, as well as cops being further militarized.

Every aspect of this staged psychodrama has the goal of traumatizing the people and psychologically weakening them, making them more ready to accept the next phase, and the next phase, and the phase after that. Scenes of cities burning create extreme psychological distress, making people feel as though there is total chaos, which means that they are unsafe. Safety will then be offered by the brutal police state, which only requires us to give up all of our freedoms.

This was already happening with the flu hoax. These black riots simply add further reinforcement in the people’s mind for the necessity of a police state.

The police are allowing this to happen, on purpose. Ilhan Omar is openly encouraging it.

The Jewish Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, is openly encouraging it.

Police are being pulled out of the areas where the blacks are rioting. Officials are refusing to contain it. The only reason they would do this is if they wanted riots and the only reason they would want riots is as I said: it’s a part of the mass psychodrama that is taking place on the global stage as our society transforms into a hellish police state nightmare that will enforce a new satanic order.

So, you can complain about these joggers and birdwatchers rioting. You can watch the news and be in awe of the chaos. You can say the n-word. But beware of getting caught up in the drama yourself. Remember that this is all on purpose, that it is designed to serve a goal, that it is going to link up with the coronavirus hoax as a justification for the establishment of a brutal high-tech police state, which will serve as the framework for the rollout of a global government ruled from Jerusalem.

Last night, the blacks took down a police station and set it on fire. They weren’t able to do this because they are brilliant military strategists. They were able to do this because the city ordered the police to abandon the precinct and allow the blacks to overtake it.

Understand as you watch this unfold, and watch it spread to other cities, that the government is inciting these blacks, and enabling them to do as much damage as they possibly can.

This is all part of the plan. It is a stage play to manipulate you into doing what they want you to do, which is submit in the name of your own safety to this beast system.