The Mind-Blowingly True Story of Katie McHugh’s Brutal Rape at the Hands of Nazi Mastermind Ben Zapp

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 7, 2019

To be fair, how could a man resist raping such a delicate rose? 

Katie McHugh, a woman who deserves more than anyone to be famous, is a former Breitbart journalist who became an Alt-Right groupie in the DC area and then snitched to a journalist and doxed a bunch of people because she believed in justice. And stopping evil.

All she wanted was a book deal, just one book deal, and they wouldn’t give it to her.

All she ended up with was a 10,000 word piece in BuzzFeed that only people that knew her in real life clicked, and even those people didn’t read the entire thing or even most of it.

This was unfortunate, because the poor sow was in desperate need of money to buy diabetes medication. She was also in desperate need of people paying attention to her.

How could someone as important as her not be recognized for her bravery?

It could only be the result of a conspiracy against her.

Fortunately, she recently remembered that during her time as an Alt-Right groupie, she was brutally drugged, beaten and raped by a brutal mastermind of hate and evil.

This shocking true story is bound to be something that someone probably has to maybe care about… you would hope. If there is any justice in the world, and everything isn’t totally controlled by Nazis.

I’m just going to screenshot the Twitter thread instead of embedding it, because Twitter may well delete it because she is trying to expose Nazis. She was already abused by secret Nazi agents working for Spectator US who laughed at her shocking true life story of ultra Nazi rape.

She knew she would die. From the drugging and the raping.

At the time of writing, these tweets are 16 hours old.

And also at the time of writing, not a single media outlet has reported on them.

Not even BuzzFeed.

BuzzFeed, it seems, is directly controlled by Ben Zapp and his evil Nazi cartel of rapists.

In a fair world, Disney would already be casting a film based on these true life events, with Jennifer Lawrence playing McHugh and Steve Buscemi playing Richard Spencer.

But this isn’t a fair world.

This is Ben Zapp’s world. Known to those who know as the Zapplandia.

For those who don’t know – and blessed are you if you don’t know, because no one should have to know this – Ben Zapp is notoriously one of the most influential men on earth. He is so powerful in the dark world of the secret Nazi empire that none dare speak his name. His secret identity is that of a tutor for children. An easy cover for a man pulling the strings of power behind the scenes, running an international network of evil and raping whomever he so pleases.

And I thought Richard Spencer was powerful when I learned of his high level connections to the Freemasonic branch of the Bavarian Illuminati, which is why he covered up the flat earth when confronted on YouTube.

But Ben Zapp’s power level goes far beyond that of Spencer or any other known leader of the underground Nazi invisible empire. Zapp makes one call and he can zap the entire media into bending to his will, and helping him with his deadly campaign of raping the ripest of spring blossoms.

What Katie doesn’t mention in her thread is that Zapp zapped her so hard with his “zapper” (that’s what he calls his penis) that he zapped her eyebrows straight off of her face.

She had to have new ones stapled on.

Imagine the feelings you would feel if you had to have new eyebrows stapled on because someone raped them off. Imagine the conversation with the Vietnamese eyebrow stapler.

“Why you eyebrows is zap off? They zap, no good for you!” the smug gook would say.

Shivering, Katie would have to reply, “It was… Ben Zapp. He zapped them off when he zapped me with his zapper – right in my front hole.”

Then the Vietnamese facialist would go silent. For even she knows not to speak the name of Ben Zapp aloud.

His network of control reaches all the way up to Spectator US and all the way down to the local Vietnamese salon.

I truly wish that there was some way for Katie McHugh to get her story out and to get the attention she so desperately deserves for all that she has suffered in trying to bring an end to hate.

I wish she would get a book deal.

I wish Disney would make a film of her story.

But this is Zappland.

And Ben Zapp’s word is law.