The Microcosm: The Loss of American Car Manufacturing

The bigger picture is sometimes hard to understand. Sometimes, it’s better to look at the microcosm.

In 1950, if you include Canadian manufacturing of American cars, the United States controlled a full 80% of the car market. In current year, we control less than 15% of this market.

Why would you give away this kind of power, if you cared about your country?

Obviously, you wouldn’t.

But somehow, when we crossed to the new millennium, “caring about the country” meant fighting rando sand people on the other side of the planet, as we continued to lose our position in the global economy.

“The American Way” as it were was to exert influence over the world and maintain power through economic strength. Then they told us strength was about fighting wars and distributing pornography.

Now, we are seeing the rise of China, and the entire media talking about how they’re this looming threat and have to be put down like a rabid dog.

What is China doing?

Well, for the last 40 years, they’ve been operating on the old American model of economic power.

They have turned their own country into a world of the future. It is literally like Disneyland.

Then, they’ve gone around the world and bought things.

They’ve done this by doing what we did: building up a large, generally satisfied middle class.

Meanwhile, the US, which is becoming progressively third world, continues to believe it is at the front of the line in terms of development.

All we have left, really, is an incredibly powerful military. There is no other real value in America. China has beat us at everything, already. Even the tech companies – Google and Facebook could just as easily be the Chinese versions, Apple could easily be replaced with Huawei.

It’s all gone. Everything that our grandfathers built has been flushed down the toilet.

This is what happens when you allow Jews to run your country. They run it straight into the ground, while distracting you with abject gibberish.

There is no possible reality in which China would be a threat to America if we hadn’t given them all of our manufacturing, while we were jacking off in the Middle East in the name of Israel.

The structure of the country is totally rotten. The family and the middle class, the basis of any country, have been ripped apart.

The reason you’re hearing all of this new stuff in the media about the Chinese threat is that this party is just about over, and they need to use what’s left of the American machine to crush this threat to globalism.