The Miami Rescue Effort is as Shameful as the Collapse Itself

As you know, a midrise condo building collapsed in a Florida neighborhood north of Miami last week.

The mayor of Surfside appeared on Tucker Carlson after the collapse to call it like he sees it: “this is a third world problem.”

The sad, sorry fact is that America now has a lot of third world problems, because America is now a third world country.

The reason we are a third world country is that we imported tens of millions of third world people to replace our natural first world population.

The building collapsed on Wednesday night (early Thursday morning, technically) and there are only 5 confirmed deaths – with 156 people still “missing” (i.e., buried in this rubble).

It is astonishing to be two days out from the collapse and have 156 people still underneath this rubble.

Why do they not simply pick up the rocks and pull these people out?

Obviously, there is a procedure for this, where you do it meticulously to prevent further shifts of the rubble which could crush anyone still alive underneath it – but how on earth does it take 3 days?

The answer is: third world people are managing this third world crisis.

This is not efficient.

We’ve also found out the cause of the collapse: there were $9 million in repairs needed, that the third worlders running the property didn’t take care of.

This is the future of America – a slow and steady dip into weird chaos and stupid messes.

Senile usurper and fake president Joe Biden was recently in Florida to promote man-on-man anal to children, and he spoke of the condo collapse, claiming that the waiting is the hardest part.

He’s right, you know.

We’re all sitting around waiting for everything to come unglued.