The Media’s Victory Over Trump is Like Andrea Yates’ Victory Over Her Children

Remember Andrea Yates?


Andrea Pia Yates (née Kennedy; born July 2, 1964) is a former resident of Houston, Texas, who confessed to drowning her five children in their bathtub on June 20, 2001. She had been suffering for some time from very severe postpartum depression, postpartum psychosis and schizophrenia.

She was really sad about killing her children, and missed them dearly.

These are the top five stories on the spam news website International Business Times:

It’s a similar situation.

The media defeated Donald Trump. Whatever Donald Trump claims, he is totally defeated. I’ve heard this guy saying the statements he issues get more coverage than his tweets, and that is as big of a lie as anything the media itself says.

It used to be daily news: “Today Trump tweets thing! Outrage!”

Now, Trump is not only not the President, he’s been silenced completely. The media doesn’t have anything to talk about. So they are just talking rumors about Trump.

It would have been much easier if they’d left him on Twitter. Then they could report daily about him, and keep getting those clicks.

But, for as much as Trump cucked on various issues, he wasn’t going to stop saying the election was a fraud, and they can’t have people talking about that. The election was too obviously a fraud. I think they were thinking that the fake mail-in ballots would cover them, but then when they had to shut down the counting and board up the windows, while banning observers – that was just so blatant and absurd, that they needed people to just stop talking about it.

Covering the windows!

That was crazy by 2020 standards of crazy!

I don’t think most people in the media realized how much their traffic would drop as a result of this. I think they legitimately didn’t understand that even for the left (and maybe especially for the left), Donald Trump was the draw – not their inane commentary.

Look at this:

I don’t know if an anti-Semite picked that header screenshot of the frowning Jew next to the scowling Jew, but an anti-Semite couldn’t have picked a better header image to put underneath that headline.

Meanwhile, Greg Gutfeld just beat every single late night show on cable, plus Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel – meaning he is second place overall on television, being beaten only by Stephen Colbert.

Fox News is dominating all cable news generally, despite the fact that they alienated most of their viewers by attempting to shift leftward after the election.

Meanwhile, CNN is calling for Fox News to be pulled off the air.

Oliver Darcy, who is the tattletale journalist responsible for getting Alex Jones banned from everything, and getting Tucker Carlson’s head writer fired, is now focused almost exclusively on attempting to compel cable companies to drop Fox News.

CNN are libertarians, you see. They believe that a private company has a right to do business with whomever they wish. They are so hardcore in their libertarian views that they believe that a private company has the right to respond to media pressure to silence information.

CNN is so hardcore on their belief in total freedom of private companies to crack to political pressure from other private companies that they might even be called anarcho-capitalists. These are the kind of people who believe in private roads, you see: as libertarian as it gets.

Well, except for when it comes to gay anal cakes. That’s a civil rights issue.

It is funny, kind of. Some of it. Watching the media squirm like this.

It was funny when those Huffington Post journalists got laid off.

But ultimately, none of this means anything good. We are entering into authoritarian control, with a vaccine passport needed to justify every movement. The government is already setting up special torture prisons for political dissidents, and we’re obviously only one step away from concentration camps. They’ve begun prosecuting people for memes.

We’re also entering into a high tech situation that involves not only mass censorship, tracking and surveillance, but also robot dogs.

When you have this kind of total control by the government, it doesn’t matter how many people are watching TV, or whether they believe it or not.

Some people will believe anything. Some people will believe things to justify compliance with an authoritarian system in order to protect their sense of self-identity.

You can control an entire population through violence and fear if the people have no rights and no recourse. That’s really why people should have not given up all their rights. Going all the way back to ancient times, rights are the basis of civilization, and when governments start taking them away, things are always going in a very bad direction. There is no good reason you would strip people of their most fundamental rights.

People who were raised in a society where rights and freedoms were assumed to exist cannot imagine what is going to happen now that those rights and freedoms are gone. And they are gone now, totally. People surrendered basically all ten of the rights in the Bill of Rights to this virus hoax, and now we’re going to see the results of that surrender.