The Media Thinks the Lockdown Will be the Killshot for Donald Trump

As you might have noticed, the stuff that the media is running attacking President Donald Trump in the midst of this lockdown fiasco is more vitriolic than it ever has been before.

This is the top of Google News at time of writing:

I don’t log in to Google and I don’t allow them to have cookies, so that is just the vanilla front page.

They apparently believe that this is going to be the killshot – that the collapse of the economy will mean Donald Trump can’t get reelected.

All of the kooky hysteria they’re stirring up is about what they think this will do to Trump. That’s why there is no ability to roll anything back. It’s why they just have to keep pushing. It’s why the press conferences have become this bizarre pillory. These people were always unhinged, now they have a taste of blood in the water.

Various agendas, which are not necessarily even directly related, have created this debacle.

You have the virologists themselves, along with other types of medical researchers to a lesser extent, who know that this moment in the spotlight will mean acclaim and big money for their industry (it’s the same cynical opportunism we’ve seen from the climatologists).

You have women, who just want to tell everyone what to do and create a bunch of new rules for people to be forced to follow.

You have the government, which loves a good crisis, because it allows them to do all of the things they want to do, such as start wars. The State Department is currently ratcheting up tensions with Iran.

You have the conservative media, who seem to want an outright war against China.

All of that is brought together and made possible by the obsessed anti-Trump media, which knew that they couldn’t beat Trump in November without some kind of massive event.

This hoax is the perfect storm.

Behind it all there is something else. Something much worse. Something much darker.

Something related to the Bill Gates agenda.

To learn more about that, you’re going to want to watch Alex Jones vs. Bill Gates.