The Media Seems to Not Like Donald Trump Very Much

“We will all be dead in ten minutes when the asteroid hits, but in these final moments, we need to focus on the fact that this is Donald Trump’s fault, and he is a bad, mean person.”

This is what the top box on Google News looks like right now:

For people who work in the media, everything is an opportunity to attack Donald Trump, and with the coronavirus hoax they’ve ended up on a total kamikaze mission.

Their jobs are going to be some of the first to go in this new America they’ve created. Journalists are already getting laid off en masse.

Gannett just did another round of layoffs. Basically, the overwhelming majority of sites are just going to have to shut down. There is no way they’ll be able to maintain advertising through this. New York Times and Washington Post will maintain some amount of subscribers I assume, but they’re going to have to downsize.

But these people just keep pushing. They don’t care if they destroy the entire world, they are going to keep on attacking Donald Trump and attacking Donald Trump right now means supporting this insane lockdown.

It’s now becoming clear that there is a bigger agenda behind this flu hoax and lockdown, that the elite are attempting to build a new kind of society. But for the media, they really are just running on autopilot, incapable of imagining that there could ever be consequences for these sorts of decisions.