The Media of the New Communist System is Going to be a Skinner Box

Andrew Neil was the guy who did that hilarious interview with Ben Shapiro that made it certain that no serious person will ever take the little Jew seriously, ever.

It’s hard to believe that was only a year ago. It feels like a million years ago.

I wonder if the Jews arranged for him to be cut as revenge…?


The Andrew Neil Show will disappear from BBC schedules as part of cuts to the corporation’s news operation.

The political discussion programme had already been off the air during the Covid-19 crisis and will not return. But the BBC said it was talking to Neil about a new BBC One interview show.

In total, 520 jobs will go, from a workforce of around 6,000 people.

That includes 450 job cuts that were announced as part of an £80m savings drive in January, and then put on hold.

Meanwhile, The Guardian has announced that it will cut 180 jobs, including 70 from editorial teams.

We should celebrate the media being wiped out, of course.

However, the fact of reality is that under the new totalitarian communist system that is being rolled out in the West, there is going to be a lot less information. But a big part of totalitarianism, especially communism, is keeping people completely unaware of what is going on.

Even though our media is more or less all fake news, they generally report the basic facts about what happened in any given event with 80-90% accuracy. Most of the fakeness comes from the way they spin it.

For example, it was reported that:

  • People were rioting in Hong Kong.
  • The rioters were saying something about freedom.
  • The US State Department, through the National Institutes for Democracy, funded pro-democracy propaganda campaigns and education programs in Hong Kong.
  • The leaders of the rioters were meeting at the US embassy with State Department officials.
  • The leaders flew to Washington to meet with Congresspeople.

Those are all true facts, and reported alone, they are damning facts. But they then add a layer of spin that makes you believe both that the Hong Kong Antifa are just and that they are not controlled by the US, but rather the US is simply there to help them because they’ve come to ask them for help, and that’s the story people hear. It’s a science, what they do, and in a world that is still open, it is easier to report the facts and add the lies in the spin than it is to fake the facts. If people can know the facts and yet believe something completely different than what the facts obviously indicate on the face of the thing, then you’ve achieved a very solid level of control over people’s minds.

However, a much more solid level of control would be not even telling people what is going on. If the world is no longer open in the way it was before coronavirus, then the establishment has no real reason to tell you anything about what is going on. They can tell you nothing, they can show you some little thing and make up some fake story behind it, or they can simply make up entire events and show you some clip they filmed using actors.

Given the electronic nature of the modern media, combining it with a totalitarian communist system in a closed society where people are alienated from their own families and computer algorithms are able to determine virtually any human reaction to any event with a high degree of accuracy, the world we are entering into is going to be more or less identical to the Matrix. The input for the illusion will come from your screens rather than from a wire into your brain, but everything else will be exactly the same.

With the Hong Kong example, they could just show you a clip of the riots and say that the people are angry because the police went into the hospital and threw babies out of the incubator, crushed their heads and laughed. They can have some Chinese woman, who is an actress, saying that. Or they can just roll a clip of a woman saying something else, with English subtitles. You don’t understand Chinese.

Regions and even individuals can be targeted with different news. Imagine the possibilities here. They will have absolute control over your stimuli and they will already know how you’re going to respond to them.

Remember when Facebook was caught cooperating with universities to run experiments on changing people’s emotions using their Facebook feed?

Because I remember that.

People are still talking about how Americans will refuse to give up their guns. Well, this closed media system is going to be one that could make most people do literally anything. If I had complete control over all input into a person’s reality, I could easily get someone to feel really great or make them kill themselves. Imagine, they will be able to send messages to your phone, pretending to be women, making you feel oh-so-sexy. They could make you believe you won the lottery, and you’re just waiting to collect. You could see your picture on the TV screen, “today’s big winner.”  Or they could make you think you have a disease. They could make you think you’ve been implicated in a crime. They could make you believe you committed the crime, and don’t remember it. They could implant a false memory.

All of that could be done by simply clicking a button and running a program.

Read about the Skinner Box.

It’s going to be weird, kids.

This is why if at all possible, you want to get out of the cities. This situation I’m describing won’t happen all of a sudden, but over a period of years, and the city will be where they do it, primarily.

The first thing they’re going to do is inflame massive paranoia, where people believe that everyone around them is plotting against them. That will allow them to begin to completely isolate individuals.