The Media is Trying to Do Up Alex Jones as Mastermind Behind Capitol Storm

At first I was like
But then I was just like

The media is claiming that Alex Jones planned the January 6 rally.

The original report is from the Wall Street Journal, a famous censorship and shutting down organization. Everyone else is picking it up.

The only reason that they would publish this is that they’re trying to get Alex did-up.

But of course they are trying to get Alex did-up.

And also of course, they can do that if they want.

The media faked an election right in front of everyone, and then basically said “yeah, so? What’re you gonna do about it, goy?”

Doing up Alex Jones is nothing to them. They have godlike control of this country, and everyone in it – and they are going buckwild.

There’s basically no way they’re going to allow people to continue to speak, other than a few groups. They will allow some version of Proud Boys, which will be some sort of terrorist group, and they will allow neo-Nazis, who will probably be marching all around the place in their costumes.

But for all of his shilling for the Jews, the Jews really, really hate Alex Jones. More importantly, he isn’t totally a fed – he’s just a savvy guy who knew that saying “Jew” means the supplement business gets shut down. That’s the thing: you have to kind of be a moron to become wrapped up with the feds.

There’s a difference between being a fed and strategically shilling for Jews to keep the money coming in. Both of those things used to be tolerated, and now only one of those things is tolerated.


Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones helped jumpstart the organization efforts that eventually materialized into the “Stop the Steal” rally on January 6, according to the grassroots organizer who filed the permits.

Cindy Chafian, who said she submitted the permits to the National Park Service, told CNN that Jones had reached out to her “to make sure he was able to speak at an event that he had contributed to.”

She said she had originally submitted the permits while working for Women for America First. The group was founded by Amy Kremer, who previously worked as an executive of the conservative group Tea Party Express, and her daughter Kylie Jane Kremer.

Chafian said that because the Kremers became unresponsive and non-committal, she embarked on her own in organizing a January 6 event and eventually teamed up with Jones.

“He agreed to pay for a percentage of the event and I was to try and find someone to help with the funding gap,” Chafian said of her agreement with Jones. “He connected me with Caroline M. Wren because there was somebody that she knew who wanted to help contribute to the event.”

The Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed rally organizers, reported that donor was Publix heiress Julie Jenkins Fancelli, who ended up giving $300,000 for the “Stop the Steal” rally on the Ellipse near the White House. Fancelli’s donation, they went on to report, was arranged by Jones and made up the majority of the $500,000 it cost to hold the rally on January 6.

Jones, the Journal reported citing a funding document, offered upwards of $50,000 of his own money for a “top speaking slot of his choice.”

Despite being banned from many social media platforms for spreading conspiracy theories, the new revelations show that Jones maintains significant ties to the influential people within the Republican Party.

What we are clearly witnessing is an attempt by the media to frame the supposed “far-right white supremacist conspiracy theorist Russian-backed extremists” as a sort of military arm of the GOP.

Basically, the Proud Boys – and Alex Jones, who moronically tied himself to the Proud Boys by hiring them as his entourage – are being framed as the IRA to the GOP’s Sinn Féin.

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It’s incredible that this is what is happening. Even I didn’t really expect it to go this far when I was preaching doom over the summer.

But surprise!

Here it is!

Chafian would not comment more to CNN on Jones’ offer and did not confirm Fancelli’s donation to the “Stop the Steal” organizers. CNN has reached out to Women for America First and Fancelli for comment but did not receive a response.

“Like many Americans, Mr. Jones peacefully assembled to register his concerns about the 2020 election,” Norm Pattis, Jones’ attorney told CNN in a statement. “He deplores the violence that took place.”

Pattis did not respond to questions from CNN about Jones’ involvement in the early planning, or leveraging his connections to Wren and Fancelli in the initial organizing of the January 6 rally.

Remember in the evening of January 6, when I called this “Charlottesville 2”?

Are you starting to see that now?

As more information comes to light about the funding, and origins, of the January 6 rally, the investigation into whether the riot and insurrection was pre-planned continues. At least 175 people are facing riot-related charges. In a press call earlier this week, the Department of Justice told reporters it had identified over 400 subjects in its investigations.

Although the January 6 rally at the Ellipse was peaceful, and no organizers have been accused of wrongdoing, former President Donald Trump’s speech is under scrutiny for potentially inciting the riot.

Trump reelection deputy finance chair became central to rally planning

On Jones’ urging, Chafian did reach out to Wren on December 27. Wren, a GOP fundraiser and a finance official for Trump’s reelection campaign, also served as a deputy to Kimberly Guilfoyle at a RNC-Trump campaign joint fundraising committee, according to ProPublica.

(ProPublica is a shutting down organization run by Jewish hedge fund managers – just in case you forgot that. It’s been much more successful than either the SPLC or the ADL in shutting people down.)

Apparently, Alex Jones was contacted by Elected President Donald Trump himself and asked to lead the march. Alex Jones himself said it, and others have as well.

Blue Checka has been calling for Alex to be did up by feds since immediately after the event.

His whore ex-wife was the first one to make the call for the feds to investigate him – though I’m sure it was nothing personal. (By the way, Kelly Nichols/Jones/Morales is half Jewish. I don’t blame Rex for that – we love ya Rex, buddy. Stay strong.)

If Trump really did ask Alex to lead the march on the Capitol, then that does suggest that he was trying to – well, I guess we all get what it suggests.

Alex wasn’t there. He remained on the lawn, and said that the occupation of the Capitol was a false flag (he basically said the same thing I said, just more conspiratorially).

Trying to construct him into this story they’re building isn’t going to be difficult, however. In fact, they’ve already done it. WSJ printed some bullshit and that is what the FBI will run with. Remember: WSJ was the root of the Russia hoax. The entire thing was build around the #pissgate dossier hoax, saying Trump hired Russian hookers to piss on a bed while the KGB filmed it. That “dirty dossier” was the result of William Kristol contracting Fusion GPS, a group founded by three former WSJ journalists, to write a fake intelligence report on Trump. This was then used by James Comey and Rod Rosenstein to get a FISA warrant to spy on Trump. Then, it was used again by the same people to start the Mueller Sanhedrin.

The Wall Street Journal gets things done.

Alex should have fled the country a long time ago. He’s now a link in a chain where simply because he’s so recognizable, he’s going to get tied up in this lunacy.

I am still processing the fact that the media/Democrat Party appear to be constructing a plan to just completely abolish the Republican Party completely. But that is what is happening, and they’ve already laid out the whole script.

Do you guys see how I’m seeing this? It’s not prophecy. Right now, I’m not making a prediction – I’m simply describing what these obvious moves obviously imply. Are you seeing the parts here? This is how I knew that coronavirus would never end. I just looked at what they were doing. I didn’t predict anything, and I didn’t commit a prophecy, I simply said: “these statements and actions can only go one place.”

If you drop a coin off a bridge, and I say “that’s going to hit the water and sink,” you don’t accuse me of being a prophet.

God help Alex Jones. He’s got a lot of problems, but he has tried to do the right thing, here and there.

(Editor’s Note: “Blue Checka” is officially TM Daily Stormer meme. I just thought of that right now, and I’m thinking to myself “how did I not think of this earlier?” It’s worse then when I thought of all those jokes about how journalists should capitalize all the letters in BLACK when referring to black people months after the media changed their standards to capitalize the first letter of the word.)