The Media is Throwing a Bunch of Bullshit at Us Now

We’re had nonstop coronavirus news for months. This makes sense, because we’re locked in our houses. All of life has been shut off. Nothing is actually happening other than this virus.

All of a sudden, over the last couple of days, as protests have intensified, the media started reporting a bunch of dumb bullshit as top news stories.

We’ve got a good boy who didn’t do nothing.

And we’ve got some Russian hoax bullshit.

This is the first time that anything other than virus and lockdown related news has made it to the top news story spot since the lockdown began. (The Canadian mass shooting was there for a couple of hours.)

The good boy story was literally pulled out of nowhere. This shooting happened on February 23. And it’s retarded. All these shooting stories are retarded, but the claim here is that two white men just decided to shoot a random black man and then the police covered it up. You can watch the video and see the black guy attacking them. It’s lunacy and it is very obviously just something that was brought up as a random fake news hysteria. It’s as much to get people on the side of “what are you talking about you can see him attacking him in the video” talking as it is to get people on the side of “blacks have a fundamental right to run up on white people and attack them on the road without fearing for their life because of the color of their skin” talking.

The implication here seems to be that we’re returning to normal life.

But as you may have noticed, we’re all still locked down.

There was a need to keep every story coronavirus related during the early phases of this global Skinner Box. Now, people have either accepted that they’re locked up potentially forever or they’re rallying against it.

Now that people have either adapted – or not – the message is being sent that it’s time for us to simply accept our fate.

This fits directly into my theory that what we are living through is a mapped out scenario formulated in a computer simulation. They crunched the data and found a series of stimuli that would bring out the desired response in the public, and they’re just going step by step.

Continually telling people that we’re going to open up and then not opening up is a big part of this, as a way to crush their spirits. As they’re telling you now that maybe we’ll open up by Memorial Day (after they’d previously promised Easter, and then May 1), they’re also moving you back into a normal cycle of life, as you’ve reached the point where you’re now adapted to living this way.

At some point in the summer – and who knows, maybe it will be on Memorial Day – they’re going to let us out for a couple of weeks, and then put us back inside. So look forward to that.