The Media is Just Openly Lying About Joe Rogan Taking “Horse Medicine”

Joe Rogan tested positive for coronavirus and then announced that he took the drug Ivermectin as part of a regimen to get over the alleged sickness.

The media promptly went totally insane upon hearing this, consistently claiming that Ivermectin is a “horse dewormer.”

Look at this:

And it goes on and on. I posted a lot of tweets here, because I wanted you to get the idea. There are thousands of blue check tweets with “Joe Rogan” and “horse.” I don’t think any single blue check didn’t make this comment. It’s mostly journalists, as usual.

A few cuck right figures got in on it.

This is really just nuts.

Yes, the drug is used for horses as an anti-parasitic, but like many drugs used in veterinary medicine, it is also used to treat humans for various things.

The human form of the drug is different from the horse version.

Like, you can buy the human drug. There are pictures of the boxes of the tablets on any internet image search.

The horse dewormer is a different thing, which is a paste that comes in a syringe.

The tablet is not specifically “approved” by the authorities to treat “the coronavirus,” but that is because the entire medical establishment is fixated on drug-induced comas and ventilators and vaccines being the only possible treatment for this alleged virus.

But there have at least been studies about it. This is a peer-reviewed study that can be found on PubMed:

Here’s another one:

You can also find all kinds of studies about various other human uses, just on a very quick search of peer-reviewed medical journals. It is widely used to treat both parasites and viruses in humans.

So, I mean – I don’t know.

I personally do not believe there is a “Sars-CoV-2,” and believe that what is being called that is usually either the common cold or the flu.

But here’s a paper from March of 2020 (definitely written before the coronavirus hoax, it takes months for papers to be published) claiming it is useful in treating different viruses, including the flu:

Along with being an anti-parasitic, the drug is classified as a “broad spectrum antiviral.”

But whatever the case – claiming that “Joe Rogan took horse paste” is just absurdly false and moronic.

It should be noted that a big part of this is a desire by the left-wing media to shut down Joe Rogan. I read so many of these tweets from journalists, and a lot of them say openly “HOW IS HE ALLOWED TO HAVE A PLATFORM???”

Part of that you should really understand is jealousy.

These journalists all believe they’re Holden Caulfield, and they are so very frustrated that people don’t understand how special they truly are – on the inside. So the idea that someone like Rogan has a huge following grinds them, severely. I experienced this very much when the media was coming after me – all of these journalists, I realized, were personally slighted by my existence. Outside of anything political, they felt that it was just not right that me, a college drop-out with the wrong views, could have millions of readers, and cultural relevance, while saying whatever I wanted about anything.

So journalists are especially animated when it comes to Rogan, which led to them jumping on this horse hoax.

But it really is actually amazing. It’s one of the best examples I’ve seen of just open, outright lying by all of these people at the same time. No doubt, many of them are too dumb to check the drug’s wiki page, but others just legitimately do not care. The narrative is the narrative, and they exist to serve the narrative.

If nothing else, this is an example of just how degraded the public discourse has become. Some snarky faggot or woman can go on Twitter and say “LOL DUMB JOE EAT HORSE WORM DRUGS HAHA HORSEY JOE THE HORESY HORSE MAN HAHAHA,” and then that becomes the official CNN narrative, which means that every devout liberal in the country repeats it verbatim without thinking about it.

The one thing about humans that separates us from animals is that we are able to use logic and reason. Animals definitely have emotions, they make various types of decisions, and some of them even use tools. The Christian doctrine of man being made “in the image of God” refers to our ability to reason. Attacks on freedom of speech are always attacks on our ability to reason, because if the overlords had faith in those human traits, and also believed that their own claims were logical and based in reason, there would be no need to censor people.

The ultimate goal of this censorship campaign is to close off all divergent avenues of thought and replace them with a droning mononarrative fed to us by the ruling class.

It is a mononarrative, which is why Jew neocons like Max Boot – who you typically think of as a shill for wars and shutting down Donald Trump – will make sure to come out with a horse quip.

It’s all part of the monohoax, which is the everything hoax.

Shutting down all public discourse and replacing it with stupid, snarky quips that don’t even reflect basic facts is dehumanizing.

It’s really just vile.