The Media is Doing the “Trump Can’t Win” Hoax Again

Every time I look at Google News, it’s all a bunch of headlines about how Donald Trump is going to get crushed in the election.

However, when you actually look at the polling data, and various other factors, it doesn’t look like Joe Biden really has any chance at all of winning the election.

A few quick facts:

  • The polling in battleground states is the only thing that matters, and that has steadily remained very close
  • It’s been shown that because if you’re caught supporting Trump, you can be subjected to violence or having your entire life destroyed, a significant portion of people will not answer “Trump” on phone polls
  • Trump supporters are much more excited
  • The Black Lives Matter and Antifa thing has spun completely out of control, and the Democrats went all in on that
  • BLM/Antifa are going to continue to lose popularity in the run-up to the election
  • People who don’t support Trump are going to either not vote at all or vote for Trump because they’re afraid of mob violence
  • Trump supporters are much more enthusiastic about voting
  • The polls could be fake news

When you consider all of that, it’s pretty clear that Trump is going to win.

Yet they’re forming a narrative that if he does win, he stole the election.

What these people are planning to do is claim that Biden won on vote by mail, and then form a massive violent mob in Washington, D.C.

They will probably rush the White House and try to kill Trump.

The media would support this.

Democrat politicians will support it.

It will serve as the framework for a revolutionary narrative of the lunatics.

Things are about to get very, very weird, and you need to think about what you’re going to do when this happens.