The Lowering of High Culture: Now Opera Gets Sexy

Daily Stormer
January 21, 2014

High culture, or MTV? It's hard to tell anymore.
High culture, or MTV? It’s hard to tell anymore.

As our Jew-run society continues it’s decline, every area of life is becoming hyper-sexualized. Bawdy performances in revealing outfits are no longer reserved solely for MTV and similar venues, but have made their way into what was once high European culture. Opera star Danielle de Niese recently encouraged her fellow artists to “embrace their sexuality”, but at the same time bizarrely claimed that her actions are completely different from those of leading pop-slut Miley Cyrus. From the Daily Mail:

A leading opera star who is appearing on stage in a highly sexualised part has taken a swipe at Miley Cyrus for her provocative twerking.

Danielle de Niese said her appearance inFrancesco Cavalli’s bawdy opera La Calisto at the Bayerische Staatsoper in Munich, Germany, is an example of opera encouraging performers to embrace their sexuality.

But, when talking about the American singer’s dance at the MTV Music Video Awards, the soprano said it was an example of a singer using her sexuality for the wrong reasons.

In an interview with The Times, she said: ‘I have different reactions based on the way it is presented.

‘It’s tough [for Cyrus] because you have someone who’s desperately trying to artistically express herself and break free from the shell of her previous image that was curated for her by Disney when she was Hannah Montana.

‘To break free from that she’s felt that she needed to really go in the other direction.’

De Niese said her appearance on stage in a leopard-print leotard is different because she is portraying a wild character.