The Lockdown, The Vaccine, And the Corruption Endemic in Modern Democracy

We’ve got some new information about Pfizer, the pharmaceutical company that has designed one of the deadly coronavirus vaccines from The Intercept’s Lee Fang. He’s gotten ahold of internal documents, which were intended for investors.

Currently, Pfizer claims that you need two injections of the “vaccine” in order for it to work. However, Fang has revealed that the company is pushing for a third injection, even before they begin with the annual “boosters.”

Fang got video of executives talking on Zoom, with Pfizer executive Frank D’Amelio talking about all of the money they are going to make with these shots as the coronavirus hoax shifts from “pandemic to endemic.”

This should be breaking global news, that this vaccine company is trying to inject people with as many shots as possible.

Endemic Corruption in the Vaccine Industry

The fact that these companies are making such huge amounts of money from these vaccines should bring into question a conflict of interests among the medical establishment, which is so heavily funded by these companies.

Outside of any questions about what the vaccine is, what the virus is, and whatever else we can talk about, this is just very straightforward, simple corruption in action.

Pfizer has their annual reports of “charitable donations” available on their website, and the list includes hundreds of different organizations, all of which are aggressively in support of the vaccine program.

I took the time to browse through the 2020 Q1-Q2 (half the year) “U.S. Medical, Scientific, Patient and Civic Organizations Funding Report” report, and it is 37 pages long. Here is just an example, the first page:

Note that this is only one type of bribe. They have several other categories of “funding” of various private institutions.

This will be the situation not just with Pfizer, but with any of the big pharma entities – they make sure to send money to everyone, in order that everyone has a good opinion of them. The government considers this bribery to be “charitable work.”

Beyond the medical establishment being fueled by big pharma, the governments that are trying to force these injections on us, claiming we are immoral if we don’t take them, are also heavily funded by these companies.

According to OpenSecrets, a site that tracks political donations and lobbying, Pfizer was number 25 in the United States in government lobbying in 2020.

They made millions in contributions directly to candidates, with Joe Biden being the number one recipient.

AstraZenecaModerna and Johnson & Johnson also made large contributions to both Democrats and Republicans, with all of them having Joe Biden as their top recipient.

How can you possibly have faith that the government will make impartial decisions regarding these vaccines, when their makers are bribing them with millions of dollars?

This issue of corporate money is something that the old left used to talk a lot about, and it really and truly is a key issue, and a top topic in understanding how our society works.

Every institution in the Western world is pushing for the vaccine. Both Democrats and Republicans are pushing for the vaccine.

Democracy Means “Government by Special Interests”

“Money in politics” is something we’ve talked a lot about with Israeli groups funding politicians. It’s the same thing. When Ilhan Omar said that AIPAC was funding politicians to get them to support Israel, the media’s defense was “AIPAC doesn’t give money directly to candidates.” Obviously, this is just utter weaselism. What AIPAC does is organize connections between politicians and Jewish donors.

OpenSecrets wrote a report following Omar’s comments and the controversy that followed, documenting the Israeli groups that do fund candidates. They published this chart of the biggest recipients of Israeli money:

It certainly puts Ted Cruz’ seemingly bizarre loyalty to Israel and Jews in perspective, does it not?

Otherwise, you might be wondering “what the hell does this Canadian-Cuban care about the Jews? What exactly is the relationship, that he is so diehard in support of this foreign people and state?”

In 2014, Cruz was scheduled to speak before a group of Middle Eastern Christians. The group booed at his mention of Israel, likely because many of them have had friends and family members killed, their homes destroyed by Israeli bombs. Cruz walked off stage, saying that he will never tolerate anyone who doesn’t support Israel.

This should be a quandary. Why would a supposed Christian side with a virulently anti-Christian foreign government that has been involved in slaughtering Christians for decades? Why would he be tied to the Jews at all, who have persecuted Christians since murdering the founder of our faith, our very Lord and Savior, 2000 years ago?

It turns out that the answer is the simplest one imaginable: because they pay him to be in support of them.

People were recently shocked when Texas Governor Greg Abbott denounced the website Gab, and recorded a video while standing sitting in front of an Israeli flag.

It is a staggering thing to see a high-level American politician standing sitting in front of a foreign flag and denouncing his own countrymen in the name of this foreign country.

Well, the very same Intercept that this week published the Pfizer data published an article about how Abbott was flown on Jewish casino magnate Sheldon Adelson’s private jet to Israel in a trip funded by AIPAC.

Unfortunately, that article, entitled, “GOD, GAS, AND CASH: HOW TEXAS FELL IN LOVE WITH ISRAEL — AND THEN TRAMPLED ON THE CONSTITUTION,” penned by Alex Kane and Nashwa Bawab, now leads to this:

Apparently, someone convinced The Intercept to remove this material. However, you can for the time being still find the article on

The article explains that many, many Israel supporters are giving Abbott huge sums of money.

Speaking of the attendees of a Jewish ceremony that Abbott held in 2018 where he signed an unambiguously unconstitutional “Anti-BDS” Bill, The Intercepted noted in the now-deleted article:

Others who came to the signing ceremony included Zev Shulkin’s father Allan Shulkin, a physician involved in pro-Israel advocacy who donated $2,500 to Abbott’s campaign in 2014 and again in 2018, as well as $1,500 to Phil King, the Texas representative who co-authored the anti-boycott bill; Michael Dell, an Israel backer and the CEO of Dell Technologies, who has given $20,000 to Abbott’s campaigns since 2004 and gave another $50,000 to the Republican Party of Texas in 2006; and Aryeh Natan Lightstone, a senior adviser to U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman. (Lightstone is a business partner of Phil King’s and, in his previous role as head of pro-Israel group Shining City, lobbied for the Texas anti-BDS bill, according to ProPublica.) Paul Singer, the New York hedge fund CEO and bankroller of neoconservative causes who gave $275,000 to the GOP in Texas in 2008, was invited but could not attend the signing ceremony.

This is all relatively transparent and easy to understand.

Politicians are paid to use their positions as public servants to support private interests.

Although the fact that this is base corruption would seem very straightforward to any average person, most of the organizations which supposedly track international government corruption do not classify these bribes as bribes.

For example, Transparency International, a “watchdog” regularly cited by the mainstream media, gives the United States a relatively low ranking on the corruption scale, despite the fact that virtually every political decision is made as a result of bribes by special interest groups.

This issue is at the core of our collapsing social order. It is always visible. For whatever reason, right-wingers have never talked very much about it. Left-wingers do talk about it, but The Intercept will delete articles, and then you’ll find AOC publicly lobbying for Jeff Bezos.

(You can take a look at her OpenSecrets page for the explanation of that one.)

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Furthermore, the left has become so generally ridiculous, that nothing good they might say really has much of an effect on anything.

I would like for the issue of special interest groups and their effect on our politics through bribes to become a more mainstream right-wing issue.

Despite my issues with Tucker Carlson, I must say that it was a truly amazing moment when he called out the shill Jim Jordan over the money he has received from Google. Jordan defended himself, saying that Google has a “Constitutional right” (???) to give him money, and the fact that he receives this bribe money does not affect his political positions.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Pfizer, which is a Jewish company, also has deep ties to Israel and has engaged in what amount to lobbying efforts for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

When you investigate this stuff, you find that the various special interest groups are very incestuous. It becomes difficult not to notice that one of the main links tying all these groups together is Jewishness.

Fact-Based Resistance to the Vaccine Agenda

The vaccine issue, and the relationship that the government and the medical establishment has to the pharma companies producing these vaccines, should be a major topic of discussion on the right, as we resist this vaccine agenda.

I think it is important to continue to try to explain to people that the vaccine is not actually a vaccine, that it is a kind of gene therapy.

But most people will not understand that, and will either accept the shilling of “conservatives” like Jonah Goldberg, or will go the other way, and end up in QAnon crazy territory (talking about nanobots and 5G, and the whole thing).

The role that money has played in the lockdown and the vaccine push is very, very straightforward.

Virtually the entire program has been directed by Bill Gates. He was the man who came up with the idea of lockdowns (quarantining the healthy), which is something that no one had ever thought of before. And he is, as we all know, the main force behind the vaccine. Recently, he’s begun simply making public statements directing society, the implication being that he is now dictating directly to the people how they are supposed to behave, and what kind of new society will emerge from this fake coronavirus crisis that he himself manufactured.

Notably, Gates is also linked directly to Israel, through several avenues, not least his relationship with the Israeli spy Jeffrey Epstein, a relationship which, as per the New York Times, continued long after Epstein had been prosecuted for trafficking underage prostitutes.

Gates has made billions of dollars as a result of the lockdown, and his company, Microsoft, is the main benefactor of the agenda to use QR codes to track the movement of everyone on earth, ostensibly to prevent viral infection. Governments across the country are signing deals with Microsoft to use their QR tracking system.

Gates has made it clear that the vaccine will not be the end of the virus agenda, and we will be living in a new society, designed around anti-virus measures (and a comprehensive plan to change the weather), for the rest of our lives.

Anthony Fauci has received massive sums of money from Bill Gates. This relationship goes back a long time. You can find many references to Fauci on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation website, but just as an example, here is a press release from 2003 which talks about placing Fauci on the board of a group receiving $200 million.

Here is another press release, from 2002, stating that Fauci’s partner during the HIV-AIDS hysteria, Dr. Richard Klausner, would be appointed the Executive Director of the Gates Foundation. Klausner ran that organization from 2002 to 2005.

Fauci and Klausner ran a vaccine program together at the National Cancer Institute, and were jointly awarded the “Cancer Leadership Award” from the Friends of Cancer Research in 2018.

Mixing government and individual corruption yet again, Fauci is the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), a branch of the National Institutes of Health, which is in turn a branch of the US Department of Health and Human Services. The NIAID received seven (7) “grants” from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2019 alone. These totaled nearly $10 million.

Researching this funding, you ultimately come to the conclusion that the entire vaccine and in fact the entire infectious disease sector of the entire global medical industrial complex is effectively controlled by Bill Gates. Understanding that fact makes it a whole lot easier to understand how exactly this could all be hoaxed.

Imperial College London, the group that initially claimed that the coronavirus existed and was a major threat to the world, is also among the biggest receivers of Gates’ money. Alongside that, he effectively built the vaccine company Moderna, providing them with $20 million in startup capital when they were first getting started.

The coronavirus is the flu. These vaccines they are giving us are a form of gene therapy, and we do not understand the purpose of it. We have a very clear picture of all of this, from publicly available sources, and the argument of “follow the money” is one that should be used a lot more often.

The left has gone all in on supporting the lockdown, and the entire virus hoax, so they are not going to be providing much information about the corruption that is happening here. It is up to the right to get this information out there, and explain to the people that this is a gigantic scam that is all fundamentally rooted in institutional and government corruption.

A System Where the Buck Never Stops

Modern parliamentary democracy is the single most corrupt imaginable form of government due to the inability to ever hold anyone accountable for anything. That is the core problem.

In America, when dealing with those still brainwashed, it is probably easiest to say: “this country was founded as a Republic, not a Democracy.” That’s a factual statement, even though it is something of a shortcut. The details can be fleshed out later.

Ultimately, the right-wing, whether opposing vaccines and lockdowns or feminism and homosexuality, needs to begin to point at the root cause, which is this system of democracy, which is bound to be exploited. If we replace the current group exploiting us, some other group will walk in and exploit us. The organized right-wing should have an organized resistance to democracy, on principle, due to the corruption inherent in it.

We’re going to need to move in an anti-democratic direction regardless, given that we cannot any longer win elections.

In order for us to win, the masses of our people have to understand that at the core of right-wing thought is an opposition to ideology, an opposition to utopianism, and therefore an opposition to the project of democracy.

We need to think hard about the easiest paths towards informing the masses of people, which is going to involve simplifying things into easily digestible bits and bites. Pointing at the fact that this entire coronavirus hoax is a direct result of endemic corruption is a good place to start.