The Lockdown and Economic Collapse is the Result of a Society That Respects Women

Our government is literally run by women.

Oregon has had a whopping 91 deaths attributed to the flu caused by the coronavirus.

As serious as it is to have 91 precious souls in their 80s and 90s die in the nursing home, we might go ahead and compare that to the latest flu data from Oregon available on the CDC website, which shows that in 2017, Oregon had 573 deaths from the flu.

Not to be swayed by statistical data, however, the Madam Governor of that fine state is not flinching, and is instead upping the ante.

She gave a warning to the goyim on April 8 to stay inside.

Now, she’s come out gloating about all the imaginary lives that have been saved by this stupid fake quarantine.

No one is addressing the fact that the lockdown has obviously increased the infection rate, because this is a society run by women, where facts have no relevance.

All that matters is feeling good.

And this bitch is feeling GRRRREAT.

She’s like Mary Tyler Moore in the opening credits for the Mary Tyler Moore show. She’s gonna make it after all.

She’s a hero because she made the stunning and brave move to completely destroy her state because 91 old people died. Those old people could have lived for weeks longer, and she is a hero for preventing more people in their 80s and 90s from dying of the flu.

She’s talking about immigrants being oppressed by the virus.

She’s talking about this.

She’s talking about how because she banned people from working, she’s implementing communism.

She’s talking about how people have to give her free money because she made the decision to collapse her state’s economy.

We should remember that this decision was, for whatever reason, left up to the governors. They didn’t have this authority, but they used this authority anyway.

Donald Trump didn’t do this.

Donald Trump is going to be blamed for it by the Jews, but Donald Trump didn’t do this.

Donald Trump tried to stop it. He tried to warn us.

Governor Kate Brown is going to get away scot-free, and she might even get one of those tweets from POLITICO. You know which one I’m talking about.

That’s what every woman lusts after. To be praised as the greatest mommy for enforcing all the rules and putting the bad boys in their place.

While you’re sitting here thinking about naked bitches dancing with their titties all flopping around, every woman is sitting thinking about wearing that pants suit and having POLITICO tweet that everyone likes her because “she is genuine, secure, quick to give a hug or share a dirty joke.”

There is no desire to achieve anything. No desire to create. No seeking after greatness.

All a woman wants is praise, and she doesn’t care how she gets it. So of course the Jews put them in control of everything. They have no concept of morality. Literally, a woman trying to understand masculine morality is like you trying to understand people speaking Chinese.

We have allowed these totally amoral, narcissistic, solipsistic beasts to be the barometer of morality. The feminization of society goes far beyond simply women in power. We have allowed female compulsions to take over the entire discourse of the society. Everywhere you look, the discussions that are being had are along lines that have been determined by women.

And this is what we get. We get a mass panic over the flu, which results in a dumb lockdown and collapse of the economy, the complete destruction of the middle class.

We’re going to get a whole lot more.

This is what women have wrought.

Horror on a cosmic scale.

Buckle up.