The Light of Democracy is Still Burning at the Washington Post

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 8, 2020

The other day, I was sitting behind a nasty old white woman at a cafe in the center of Lagos. I could tell she was American. Which is rare, because most white American females go to Cuba or some other Latin place for their sex tours.

Most of the white women who come here to take sexual advantage of locals are British or mainland European.

I guess it’s better to come here, as you’re much less likely to get suitcased by a Nigerian.

Anywho, this bitch was reading the news on her laptop and I was trying to figure out what site it was, because I could tell it wasn’t the standard for old white women, which is the New York Times.

It was the Washington Post, which I very rarely see the front page of because I use various methods to filter direct links to articles.

But do you know they still have “Democracy Dies in Darkness” as the slogan of their website?

This was put up three years ago, in February of 2017, just after Donald Trump assumed office.

Apparently, this is some kind of statement about how Trump is trying to destroy “the press” and throw the country into darkness so he can kill democracy.

“I admit killing democracy would be a pleasure.”

I don’t really know what democracy is, other than the accepted definition of “a country run by Jews.” But clearly when they talk about “democracy,” they are implying something relating to “blah blah blah my freedoms.” And presumably, one of those freedoms is freedom of expression.

It’s in the UN’s “Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” which is one of the founding documents of post-war Jew democracy.

These Jew media people try to promote a persecution complex, saying that if Trump says he doesn’t agree with the mainstream Jewish media, and points out that they’re liars, that he’s “attacking the First Amendment.” Just like “democracy” means whatever they want it to mean, so does the First Amendment – and it’s now a violation of freedom of speech to disagree with Jews.

However, freedom of expression has been brutally gutted under the reign of Donald Trump. And it isn’t the freedom of expression of the Washington Post. It is the freedom of expression of everyone else in this country, who have suffered under a terrorist campaign of mass internet censorship.

Following Charlottesville, basically everyone who supported Donald Trump, who was not a plain establishment shill, was banned from all social media. Now, less than three years later, we are seeing Bernie Sanders people get censored on social media. And the real kicker is that it is mainstream Jewish outlets like the Washington Post and the New York Times that have called for this censorship, and have created a narrative to support it.

James O’Keefe was censored just this week, literally for tweeting at the Washington Post and asking for a correction.

It is clear that not only does Twitter do what the media wants them to do, they have a direct line of communication with Twitter and just ban anyone that the media tells them to ban.

The entire “Russia meddling” hoax is now coming to fruition. It was never about removing Donald Trump from office. It was about establishing a narrative that anyone who disagrees with the media is a secret agent of a foreign government who is trying to kill democracy and thus must be prevented from freely expressing themselves.

The teeth are about to come out for the far-left.

You’re going to see massive censorship of Bernie supporters.

Which is kind of hilarious, because these are the retards that demanded all of our freedom of speech be shut down. They backed up the mainstream media, multinational trillion dollar tech companies and the SPLC in this agenda to silence “Nazis” AKA Trump supporters, and now this beast they fed will swallow them. It’s going to be a real shocker when these people realize that they were all just useful idiots for the neoliberal establishment that doesn’t like communism any more than it likes fascism.

Ten years ago, leftists were mocking the Tea Party for being unwitting shills for multinational corporations. Now, they’ve become exactly that to a far more extreme degree.

This entire social justice agenda – gay pride, child trannies, mass immigration, legalized drugs – is being pushed by the very rich, and these retards just ate it up and let it completely replace their agenda for economic reform.

And they will look up from their bed of trannies and Somalians, and find that true communism will never be tried.