The Light Bombers Take Berlin

Diversity Macht Frei
September 22, 2017

Recently, government buildings in Berlin have been illuminated with strange messages.

For example, this appeared on the Chancellor’s office, sometimes known derisively as the “Merkel Bunker”:


On the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees:


“For a Germany in which we live well and contentedly”

“But not at our expense!” [AfD symbol]

Mrs. Merkel please resign

“Mrs. Merkel, don’t play with fire” [Union Jack burning, presumably a reference to Brexit]

German lives matter too

“The Safety of Citizens is not up for debate here.”

The light bombers have got an Instagram page here and a WordPress blog here. They claim to have been spurred to action by the recent rape of a 16-year-old girl in Munich by asylum seekers (link). Some of their images contain pro-AfD messages.

This is a brilliant propaganda technique that the Alt Right needs to take up. It would allow us to export our memes from the internet to the real world. It has the added benefit of being non-destructive so they won’t be able to charge us with criminal damage.

I don’t know what’s technically involved in constructing these light displays but street activists should definitely look into it.

Via: JungeFreiheit