The Left is Ready to Eat Itself

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 13, 2018

There used to be something resembling a principled Left in the West. They were anti-war, pro worker’s unions and if you go far back enough, the Left was even anti-immigration.

That’s all changed now. Now the Left is the Establishment and cares only about gay rights, destroying Whitey and shilling for mega-corps.

But there is still some resistance to this new direction and its worth keeping tabs on the Left’s split because it plays into our hands.

Jimmy Dore is an example of the closest thing to a principled leftist. He’s still smarmy, smug and liberal, but at least he’s consistent about it.

He used to be on notorious Armenian Genocide-denier Cenk Uygur’s “The Young Turks” (TYT) YouTube show, but ever since¬†Jeffrey Katzenberg donated $20M to TYT, they’ve basically become openly neo-liberal shills. Jimmy fell out of favor because he wouldn’t toe the Shillary line.

In other words, the Bernie divide is still fracturing the base of the Left. Jimmy is actually entertaining because of his Hillary rants.

But the neo-liberals are mad at him for not toeing the line.

So they’re lashing out at Dore and his Bernie-bro fans.

The comments section is interesting. People are calling out the anti-Dore soyboy for his blatant neo-liberal shilling.

Its an interesting schism to be sure.

Now, the defining issue of our time is what happens to White people in the next twenty years. And all these Lefties are complete garbage on that issue. But if I had to pick a Lefty I disliked less, I’d choose the more principled Dore lefty over the blatant globo-homo-corpo propaganda pushers.

…but if I were a strategist, I’d actually encourage the SJW Left. I’d encourage them, fund them even, get them to attack every single fuckin’ straight White male for being a Fascist and by doing so, I would virtually ensure the rise of a Far Right uprising to counter it.

Seems to me that this simmering conflict within the Left is a perfect opportunity to shave off a few supporters.

Frankly, I don’t mind adding a few socialists to our ranks. I think we can have the debate about economics after we’ve ensured the existence of White people. Shit, I’d even be willing to pay a little more to make sure everyone could go to the hospital and get treated if they got sick. But we can’t have nice things with open borders and brown people.

We just have to make some of these Bernie Bros realize that.