The Left Goes to War with Guy Who Got Biden to Say “Let’s Go Brandon, I Agree”

On Christmas Eve, Jared Schmeck, a former cop, called into the NORAD Santa tracker with his kids and ended up live on stream with Joe and Jill Biden. After a nice and cordial call about what his kids wanted from Santa, he ended the call with “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Here’s the recording of the call he posted to his YouTube channel. It’s obvious this is a good, all American guy, with a normal family, who was just having a bit of fun.

In what might be the funniest moment of my life, Joe Biden replied: “Let’s Go Brandon – I agree.”

Schmeck has told the media that people are now calling him up and harassing him about it.

I’m not one for moralfagging about “internet death threats,” but this guy doesn’t seem to be making those kinds of histrionic claims.ย He’s just saying that people are spam calling him and his family business. (That’s apparently how the left spent Christmas Day – they’re of course all hiding in their homes from the deadly Omicron variant.)

What’s more, and what’s most important: it is the media that is driving this. They are the ones publishing nonstop articles about how evil this guy is for getting Joe Biden to say this phrase.

They’ve got a hashtag up attacking him.

Many are openly calling for harassment. They know what this means.

They’re publishing his personal information.

They know what is implied here.

The most tedious thing is how the left – which is literally totally Jewish and hates Jesus – invokes Jesus’ name as a way to say you have to support the Anal Vax Abortion Lord Brandon.

What this shows is that the left has zero sense of humor.

It also shows that what they are really angry about is the fact that Biden is so senile that he somehow didn’t recognize the phrase. After the otherwise friendly call, which ended with the light-hearted joke (seriously, watch the video), a non-senile Joe Biden would have laughed and said “hey, guy – I’m doing my best!” Instead, he gave the most senile possible response.

It is the exposure of how ridiculous this all is that has these people freaking out.

Most amazingly of all… Eric Swalwell is whining about this.

The left doesn’t only choose the worst heroes.

They also choose the worst enemies.

Waging a war on Jared Schmeck is literally just saying “we hate normal white people – especially good-natured and friendly white fathers with white children.”


Jewish Atlantic editor Ron Brownstein told CNN that this joke was an insurrection, and implied it was a kind of terrorism.

That’s where we’re at with these Jews.

Who is the real terrorist?ย