The Late New York Governor Mario Cuomo was a Literal Shabbos Goy

Daily Slave
January 5, 2014

The dead Mario Cuomo showing how much of a whore for Jews he was during his life.

Mario Cuomo the former New York governor has been celebrated as some sort of hero by the Jew media following his recent death.  This should not be surprising considering he was a complete and total whore for Jews during his time as New York governor and was literally a “Shabbos goy” for a synagogue during his childhood.

Isn’t it great that his son Andrew Cuomo is currently filling the exact same office his Jew whore father filled decades ago?  It shows that nothing has changed.


Mario Cuomo, the three-term New York governor who died Thursday, was the rare politician who appealed to the Jewish tent’s opposite poles.

A strident liberal with a nuanced understanding of the sense of vulnerability among the deeply religious in a secular society, Cuomo died of heart failure just hours after his son Andrew was sworn in for his second term as governor. He was 82.

Lopsided Jewish support helped propel Cuomo into the governor’s office three times, in 1982, 1986 and 1990. The state’s large Jewish community joined other liberal constituencies in celebrating the man who emerged in the 1980s as the most prominent vanguard against President Ronald Reagan.

Cuomo credited his sensitivity to the needs of the Orthodox to his childhood in Queens, where he served as a “Shabbos goy” for a synagogue up the street from the grocery owned by his Sicilian immigrant parents.