The Last Thing We Need is Cunt Justice: Trump Embraces Unadulterated Cunt Justice

Donald Trump is planning to implement Cunt Justice as a way to get women in the movement.

I feel like crying right now.

I’m so, so tired of women in the movement, and of women in general.

But frankly, beyond just electioneering, Trump is obviously avoiding the whole rape hoax thing, which proved to be a complete disaster, and also just making it easier to get the nomination through, because everyone goes easy on women because they’re so pathetic and many find that pitiable.

Daily Mail:

President Donald Trump’s announced Saturday night that the Supreme Court nominee he plans to announce next week to fill the vacancy left by Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be a woman, spotlighting two conservative women as his potential pick. 

During a campaign rally in North Carolina, Trump declared ‘I will be putting forth a nominee this week, it will be a woman’, later adding his pick would be a ‘very talented, very brilliant woman’ because ‘I like women more than I like men’.

As he left the White House for the rally, the president identified two women as front runners: Amy Coney Barrett, 48, of the Chicago-based 7th Circuit and Barbara Lagoa, 52, of the Atlanta-based 11th Circuit as possible nominees.

Barrett is a devout Catholic and mother of seven from Indiana, who has adopted two kids from Haiti and has a biological child with special needs.

Oh great.

If there’s one thing I love more than an uppity bitch who thinks she’s the boss, it’s an uppity bitch who thinks she’s the boss who also has a retard child and adopted Africans.

Because if there’s one thing about America, it’s not brown enough or retarded enough, and I really support white women who work to make it browner and more retarded, and I believe such women should have power over me.

I wonder how that retard and the Africans feel about mommy working every day for the rest of her life?

She is a member of a Christian group name People of Praise, where members are assigned a ‘handmaiden’,  a personal adviser with whom they are encouraged to confess personal sins, financial information and other sensitive disclosures.

The other named front runner is Lagoa, a Cuban American from Florida whose parents fled Castro five decades ago. She has spoken about how her father longed to be a lawyer but was forced to abandon his dream because of the communist leader.



Yeah, okay. Whatever.

Her nomination has the potential to greatly aid Trump politically in the crucial swing state.

The other five women on Trump’s shortlist of 20 names are Kate Todd, deputy White House counsel; Sarah Pitlyk, U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri; Allison Jones Rushing, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit; Martha Pacold, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois; and Bridget Bade, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

This is so stupid, but whatever.

It is absolutely whatever.

Trump is trying to win women, and that is the way the system works: you have to win women, because it was someone’s bright idea to allow these vile creatures that literally have a bleeding hole between their legs to vote.

So you have to pander to them.

I don’t even blame Trump. He didn’t legalize women voting.

But what you need to remember is this: the only thing worse than a white knight is a white knight who blames Jews for women’s behavior.

What happened in the Garden of Eden?

Well, the serpent, who is Satan, who is the father of the modern Jews, came to the woman and suggested that she would have a really fun and exciting time doing the one single thing that God her father told her not to do.

Satan did not force her to do it. He just said, “you’d have a fun time, baby.”

Then, Eve went to Adam and used her sexual wiles on him, saying, “come on, baby, it’s fun, just try it, it’s not a big deal – dad is a total square and he just doesn’t want us to have any fun.”

What you are supposed to have is God telling the man what to do and the man telling the woman what to do.

What happens with the devil is the opposite thing: the devil seduces the woman, then she goes and seduces the man. It is the reverse of the natural order of things, and it always leads to a bad outcome. You can not find any single situation where a woman convinced a man to do something that wasn’t evil. All of her plans are bad, and all of them come from Satan.

And yes, Jews are Satan incarnate. There is no doubt about that whatsoever, and people should not doubt it. But nonetheless, the woman is the one who will listen to these talking snakes.

The last thing we need is a woman on the Supreme Court.

A snake comes into the court, says, “hey baby, you wanna have a good time, see I got this fruit here, God says it’s evil, but many disagree…” and this bitch is gonna be like, “I’m listening.”

But apparently we don’t have any choice.