The Last Politically Incorrect Jokester

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 19, 2018

Norm MacDonald has had his career sabotaged by Jews. Because he wouldn’t play ball on Saturday Night Live.

He was then blacklisted.

But he really is the only funny guy left.

Because comedy has to have some element of transgressiveness, or it just isn’t funny. Or at least, it has to be able to comment on reality and the problems with it – and you’re not allowed to do that either.

You just have to I guess talk about Trump’s hair now.

Sex jokes have become too confusing to even make at this point. Jimmy Kimmel just had to apologize for calling Sean Hannity a fag. I can’t really think of any classic line of sex jokes which could work in 2018.

You can I guess make fun of the masculinity of white men. Like on that Big Bang show. But I think that’s all that’s left.

Even the Jew Jerry Seinfeld is saying he can’t really make jokes anymore.

That clip is from 2015.

It’s a helluva lot worse now.

He would have had to apologize for those jokes today.

People are just giving up.