“The Last Jedi” Flops in China Because “It Insults the IQ” and “The Stars Aren’t Very Beautiful”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 17, 2018

The question that Jews do not want to answer is: “why are Chinese people allowed to be racists?”

Science Fiction:

‘Star Wars’ does not have the power of The Force in China.  There is no nostalgia for the property there and despite Disney spending millions to market the franchise, it’s just hitting a Great brick wall.  ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ took in a lousy $28.7M on its opening weekend, paling in comparison to Chinese comedy ‘The Ex-File 3: The Return of the Exes’ which earned $87M and that was in its second weekend.  In an unprecedented move, Chinese exhibitors are dumping ‘The Last Jedi’ by an incredible 92% in its second weekend.  It’s dropping from 34.5% of the screens in the Middle Kingdom to 2.6%, with some of those being turned over to ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle‘ and others going to local films.

That isn’t to say there isn’t a following for ‘Star Wars’ in China.  But even the loyal fans are put off by this film.  On review site Douban, the top up-voted review reads:  “The whole film really insults the IQ of its audience… In Star Wars, it seems only Darth Vader had a brain — it’s such a shame he’s already dead.”

Chen Tao, owner of the fan forum Star Wars China, indicates that a large portion of the Chinese audience is put off by the fact that this is the eighth film in the larger saga.  They feel that they are too far behind to catch up and that the new film won’t make sense if they haven’t seen the others.  He also indicates that the cast does not fit the Chinese aesthetic of beauty.

“These actors aren’t very beautiful, which may deter a lot of Chinese from seeing the recent films. We fans often joke that if Finn were played by Will Smith, Chinese people might be more inclined to watch it — because he’s very handsome.”

lol well maybe it isn’t racist.

He accepted that the character had to be a nigger, he just doesn’t want the ultra-monkeyface.

I’m sure there are a lot more colorful comments on these Chinese review sites. But we don’t speak Chinese.

I am quite sure a Chinaman or two took issue with the Le Monkeyface kissing the fat Asian girl.

I’m gonna go so far as to suggest that they would even white knight for us letting our women get manhandled by this ape.


nb4 “oh the Chinese wouldn’t care about the Asian girl kissing the nigger because she’s Vietnamese and not Chinese” – I’m going to tell you right now that this is bullshit. White people are the only people stupid enough to accept the idiotic concept that “race doesn’t exist” and that all the only thing that matters is ethnicity and culture. Like this “you can be a proud Englishman but not a proud white person” shit we hear now.

True story: I had a Korean friend who lived in Canada, way back when, and he told me the story of when dated a white girl and his entire family organized to get him to date some Japanese girl. Japanese and Koreans hate each other as much as any two nations hate each other, but they recognize that it is the same basic race.

But let’s face facts here: the movie was shit.

The only reason anyone saw it was because it was Star Wars, and people have fond feelings about this franchise for a whole number of reasons.

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