The Lancet Cucks, Apologizes for Referring to Women as “Bodies with Vaginas”

It’s sickening to see science cuck to politics and endorse the false claim that women are human beings, and not simply walking flesh bags with a vagina attached to them.

The science says that women are not human, that they are “evil bags of worthless flesh attached to a breeding tube” – but now science journals are so political, they are willing to lie and claim that women are humans.


Responding to backlash, the prestigious medical journal’s chief editor triggered another, with a confusing apology bringing up “transgender health” instead.

Last week’s cover of the Lancet “conveyed the impression that we have dehumanised and marginalised women,” editor in chief Richard Horton said Monday, adding that regular readers “will understand that this would never have been our intention,” as the journal “strives for maximum inclusivity of all people in its vision for advancing health.”

Horton apologized “to our readers who were offended by the cover quote and the use of those same words in the review.”

However, he then triggered another round of condemnations by pointing out that “transgender health is an important dimension of modern health care, but one that remains neglected,” and that the article from which the quote was taken was “a compelling call to empower women, together with non-binary, trans, and intersex people who have experienced menstruation.”

Yeah, Lancet – trannies also experience menstruation somehow.

How do you explain that, then?

I know a thing or two about this.

I’m the one who had to rescue the trannies of Bengali after a fascist falsely claimed that women are “humans.”

The clock is ticking, Lancet.

What you wrote is illegal in the European Union.

It’s no different than denying the Wall of Eyes.

Women believing they are humans doesn’t make it true, any more than a Holocaust denier questioning that the Nazis made a wall of eyes means that there wasn’t a wall of eyes.

There was a wall of eyes.

There were masturbation machines.

Jews were forced to climb trees and pretend to be roosters until they fell out of the trees.

There was a roller coaster into an oven.

People had their hands chopped off and sewn onto the opposite arm.

Steam chambers.

Chambers with electric floors.

Babies drowned in buckets.

Raised by wolves.

All facts.

And women are not human.

These are basic facts, and it’s time for science to catch up with reality.