The Krypto Report – Episode XXXV: Requiem for a Tumor

Daily Stormer
August 27, 2018

On this TUMORIFFIC edition of The Krypto Report, Azzmador and the TKR Wrecking Crew™️ celebrate the death of the no-good cuck and former Manchurian Candidate John McCain, as well as welcoming back Texan Barbaryan of Stormer Book Club for another installment of The Book Report.

While recording, the Jacksonville, FL gaming convention shooting happened, so we have live (at the time) coverage of that for you. You don’t get this sort of highbrow analysis and opinion from PBS, let me tell you!

We also answer listener questions from BBS.

We also discussed the (((Chinese Communists))) hacking 1000% ALL MAN Alex Jones’ phone with disgusting tranny porn in an attempt to stop 1776 from happening all over again!


Topics discussed:

  • The Noble Tumor
  • John McCain was a traitor and a songbird – NOT A HERO
  • Alex Jones ain’t sucked on no ding dongs
  • Atlanta Negro pushing White mother onto train tracks story hits on all Cultural Marxist cylinders
  • The left’s attempt to use the Sargon Gambit on the Mollie Tibbets story
  • Anti-Sodomy laws in Minecraft
  • Women should raise their hands before speaking
  • 64% of Republicans ok with Trump saying “nigger”
  • Cancer-curing cigarettes
  • The Book Report with Texan Barbaryan
  • Various practical applications for David Hogg
  • And much, much more!

this week’s featured music: I Don’t Like (Chief Keef parody) by Zyklon Don ft. Azzmador, and Ary4n Future by CYBERN4ZI

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As always, Thanks so much for listening!