The Krypto Report – Episode XXXII: Straight Outta Wompton!

Daily Stormer
June 25, 2018

On this action-packed and feature-rich edition of The Krypto Report, Azzmador welcomes once again his good friend, co-writer at Daily Stormer, and brother-in-arms, Lee Rogers, publisher of the fantastic Infostormer!

Among the many excellent features this week are weev’s fabulous spoken word poem “Straight Outta Wompton” converted to an old school rap ditty – boy can he spit out those beats!

As always, we have The Dindu Report, with TKR’s Chief Primatologist, Larry Ridgeway, host of the 3rd most popular show at TRS, Hate House!

Our featured music this week is Angry Machine by Cybernazi!

Azzmador and Lee have an excellent discussion. Topics include:

  • Koko the Gorilla vs Charles Krauthammer – who’s death was the real loss?
  • Manipulation of the goyim by (((political experts))) in the (((mainstream media)))
  • Koko was much smarter than blacks
  • Trump’s attention to the long timeline of politics over the day-to-day news cycle
  • How the msm uses props and gimmicks to turn off your rational thinking
  • Immigration
  • The poor separated childrens
  • Daily Stormer writers and personalities are far better analysts than shilling (((experts))) like (((Krauthammer))) and (((Shapiro)))
  • How the political class has always attempted amnesty for infinity brown people, and The American People have shut them down
  • The actual facts on the “ripping babies from their Mexican mamas” narrative
  • How the current policies on immigration will deter all these people from coming here
  • Trump’s progress on his agenda
  • The upcoming midterms
  • The great work of Stormer Book Club!

And much, much more!


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