The Krypto Report – Episode XXXI: Hateposting with Larry Ridgeway

Daily Stormer
June 2, 2018


On this action packed, feature rich episode of The Krypto Report, Azzmador interviews his good friend and rising star of the Alt Right, Larry Ridgeway, host of the phenomenally good Hate House!

For the second half, Azz interviews Texan Barbaryan, a top guy in Stormer Book Club, for the new monthly feature “The Book Report.”

This week we also debut our fabulous new weekly feature, “The Dindu Report,” featuring TKR’s newly hired Chief Primatologist, the aforementioned Larry Ridgeway!

Topics Discussed:

  • Daily Stormer needs donations, badly
  • Vape Nationalism
  • Larry’s visceral hatred of overly-melanated individuals
  • His trajectory from somewhat racist normiecon to world-class lynching machine
  • The Jews
  • The degeneration of religion, marriage, and morality in The West
  • Living with, working with, and talking with colored people
  • The Kosher Tax
  • Getting fired from a hipster bakery bc negress
  • Professional Equity Activists
  • Reparations Happy Hour
  • Depeche Mode is faggot shit
  • The genesis and evolution of Stormer Book Clubs
  • The various rallies and events SBC where SBC has been repped
  • The ongoing, 24/7 flyering campaigns that have the Jews in an uproar
  • Why Stormer Book Club is the best pro-White organization extant, and why you should consider joining


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