The Krypto Report – Episode XLII: USA in this Hoe!

Daily Stormer
October 8, 2018

On this episode of The Krypto Report, Azzmador and the TKR Wrecking Crew™️ discuss real news, and only real news, including Saturday night’s UFC fiasco, and of course, all the aspects of the Kavanaugh confirmation, complete with salty whore tears and an exposition of all the facts proving that the anti-Kavanaugh conspiracy was a Jewish conspiracy.

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Topics discussed:

  • My Balls was hot
  • Knocking out Russians for Trump
  • Is the UFC fixed now? Is the UFC the new WWE?
  • Smoking weed with Joe Rogan
  • Alex Jones and levels of wokeness
  • Freebleeding feminists
  • Gay Groid NFL cheerleaders
  • Boxing was always fixed
  • George Foreman’s magnificent grill
  • Joy Reid says Mitch McConnell is a radical White Supremacist
  • Angry bitches shrieking 24/7 is not a valid electoral strategy
  • Thank God Trump is POTUS
  • Melania is hot in a pith helmet
  • You don’t have to believe accusations
  • Senate Judiciary Committee hearings are not mere “job interviews”
  • The history of rejecting conservative justices
  • The slander campaign against Brett Kavanaugh is a Jewish campaign
  • Leaky Feinstein
  • Kavanaugh’s confirmation BTFOs International Jewry

and much, much more!

This week’s featured music is “Smokin’ Weed Be Like” and “Punch Anyone Who Disagrees” by Kandy Randy!

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