The Krypto Report – Episode XLI: Indelible in the Hippocampus

Daily Stormer
October 1, 2018

This fascinating, fabulous, and fantastic episode of The Krypto Report is sure to entertain you to no end now, but 36 years in the future, it will likely have haunted and terrorized your memory to the point you feel compelled to testify before the United States Senate about it, though you likely will not be able to remember when or where you listened to it, and all the people you claim listened with you will say that they never listened to it, or even that to their knowledge, no such radio show ever existed.

Please refrain from writing anything in your yearbook about boofing this show, and do not refer to yourself as a Grandmaster Fash Alumnus, as these things could be held against you in a SCOTUS nomination proceeding. Nor should you count on Zyklon Don to back up any recovered memories you may have, as he is an avowed misogynist, as well as a hater of the color of the skin, so he will definitely circle the wagons around his fellow Old White Men™️ and claim he cannot remember the year 2018.

This week we have an excellent 3 segment show for you, and in the second segment, Lee Rogers, publisher of the world-renowned website Infostormer, feature writer here at Daily Stormer, and host of the great podcast The Infostormer joins us to dig deep into the Kavanaugh/Blasey-Ford circus, and to talk about these Jews and how they have wrecked our society.


Topics discussed:

  • Azzmador’s childhood recollection of Star Wars
  • Randy Quaid’s dramatic reading of Trump tweets
  • Grandmaster Fash slanders Azzmador
  • Azzmador’s personal recollection of a misguided girl who thought she’d been raped
  • If you don’t call the cops, you weren’t raped
  • How trad are trad girls, really?
  • Women’s suffrage is the act of dividing every house against itself
  • How we will be hearing about Christine Blasey-Ford for the rest of our lives
  • Her million dollar GoFundMe
  • What to expect when your Jew senator refers you to a Jew law firm
  • The lowdown on Jeff the Flake’s treasonous faggot behavior
  • The retardation that flows from our politicians now that our population has been dumbed down and enriched with millions of illiterate brown people who get to vote
  • Diane Feinstein, the Jew who wants your guns and your SCOTUS
  • Cory Booker’s backroom meeting with Diane Feinstein, Jew
  • First try Borking, then #MeToo
  • The whole Kavanaugh circus was engineered by Jews
  • #IDon’tBelieveHer
  • Pivotal moments in the Jewing of America
  • We take listener questions

and much, much more!

Check out Lee’s work at Infostormer

Listen to his podcast The Infostormer

Check out Lee’s feature writing here on Daily Stormer 

This week’s feature music is “Final Vision” by Zyklon Don. Download it here. 

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