The Krypto Report – Episode LXXVII: The Bellicosity of Potato Men

The Krypto Report
Daily Stormer
June 18, 2019


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On this 77th episode of TKR, Azzmador and the Wrecking Crew are joined by Lee Rogers, Daily Stormer feature writer and publisher of the fabulous Infostormer!

We talk about all kinds of things, including the ridiculous, retarded run up to a potential war with Iran, and we also have a fabulous new song celebrating Father’s Day by our own Lil’ KraKKa!

Topics Discussed:

  • The censorship of the entire internet
  • Specific problems with having shows and websites that can’t be linked on social media
  • The Rollerball Prophecy
  • The logically impossible situation with TKR’s livestream channel
  • Being able to express yourself on the internet is a Human Right
  • US foreign policy in the hands of a religious nut and a Jewish criminal
  • Unless he enacts his campaign promises, Trump will be a one-termer
  • The run-up to a war with Iran
  • Your country on Jews
  • Only a pinhead retard thinks the oil tanker video means it’s time to bomb Iran
  • Lil’ KraKKa’s heartfelt Father’s Day song
  • American citizens the only people checked out when coming into America
  • It is impossible to cross the southern border illegally
  • ICE helping Squatemalan transvestites to be more convincing traps

And much, much more!

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