The Krypto Report – Episode LXVIII: The Drumpf Drain

Zyklon Don
Daily Stormer
April 9, 2019

Azzmador and Zyklon Don discuss many things on this episode of the internet’s most trusted source of Real News™. This week, we tackle/ridicule current events from an American Nationalist™ perspective. If you’re not careful, you might learn something before we’re done!

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Topics discussed:

  • TKR Idol
  • Backpedaling Blormph
  • More of the Azzmador 2020™ platform
  • Potential ways the government might punish Mexicans
  • Touchy, feely, close talker Joe Biden
  • Remember Jimmy Savile?
  • Donkey Bitch goes all ghetto an’ sheeit
  • The Lavanderia
  • Hassan Piker is a faggot
  • Destiny is also a faggot
  • Mexico is a shithole bc it is full of shit people
  • Negro advertising
  • DHS fronthole resigns due to abject failure
  • Trump fellates Jews
  • The mathematical retardation of chasing the Jewish vote

And much, much more!


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