The Joker is My Other Favorite Comic Book Character

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 1, 2019

The Joker is my other favorite comic book character. He has never been portrayed properly on film.

Everyone was all into Heath Ledger as the Joker. I’m not even really sure that his performance would have been so celebrated had he not died. It was okay. But he was too young, and the whole anarchist thing was not the character and it was gay.

Like all Christopher Nolan movies, the film was very pretty, but the story and characters were ungood. He had Jews write all of these movies, you know.

David Goyer wrote The Dark Knight. This is the same kike that wrote Batman v Superman. So the same guy wrote the #1 best and the #1 worst capeshit films. That certainly tells you a lot about Nolan’s talent.

The point I am trying to tell you is: Ledger was too young for one, but beyond that, he was working with a very stupid vision of what the Joker should have been. Just wanting to cause anarchy is a stupid concept for a villain. It is the lowest possible tier of villain.

The ideal form of the Joker does it for the lulz. He is a troll. He thinks it’s funny to fuck with people and upset them emotionally. That’s why he’s called “The Joker” and not “The Anarchist.”

Batman is an ultra-serious individual. He takes himself very seriously while also being fundamentally ridiculous. So he is the number one person you want to fuck with.

Beyond the retarded motivation, making the Ledger Joker grotesque with a cut-up face – and adding this cringey new plot element about how his drunken father cut his face because he wanted him to smile forever – was possibly one of the greatest insults to an audience in all of film history. And it was an insult to Christopher Nolan. I don’t know how he doesn’t see that these Jewish producers are mocking him by giving him these horrible scripts.

Everyone rightfully hated the Jared Leto Joker, who was a BDSM fetishist who enjoyed torturing people. The Joker is not called “The Sadist” or “The Fetishist.”

The point I am trying to tell you is: the Jared Leto Hot Topic BDSM-motivated Joker with tattoos (that look like the decals on plastic bongs in the 1990s) was not actually any more cringe than the Ledger’s Joker, it’s just that Nolan was able to obfuscate just how cringe his Joker was using aesthetics. Maybe Ledger helped cover-up how shitty the character was.

Going back a bit, the Jack Nicholson Joker in the Tim Burton film was also not interesting or true to the concept of the character. He was just evil. His motivation was revenge/insanity. It was very generic.

At least he did wear clown makeup. But he was also facially deformed.

Just generally, no one has appeared to understand or care about this character. Beyond the fact that he laughs, none of the character’s incarnations have really been all that similar.

The Cesar Romero 1960s Joker was the best live action version of the character, much more in line with the concept of being a troll who is in it for the lulz. He wore clown makeup and did things purposefully to mock the serious nature of Batman. Not to cause chaos for the sake of chaos, not to be just generically evil, and certainly not to do BDSM-type torture.

This new film coming out could actually be good. The trailer definitely demonstrates the concept of the character – that life is a joke, so you might as well laugh. None of this anarchy or BDSM stuff.

It’s about the lulz.

That’s why he’s a clown. He is called “The Clown Prince.”

Joaquin Phoenix is wearing good clown makeup at least.

It does look like it was based on Alan Moore’s “The Killing Joke,” which is not an especially good story. It’s over-rated and is deconstructionist, portraying the Joker as having a mental illness.

Alan Moore is just generally shitty. He started writing comic books because he hated heroes and wanted to deconstruct the concept of heroes. He is some kind of satanist or whatever.

And he wrote V for Vendetta, which spawned the Anonymous mask, which may make him the worst person who ever lived.

The only thing he wrote that was actually genuinely good was Watchmen, and that also had horrible, degenerate themes attacking the concept of heroism. Swamp Thing was the second okay thing, but same deal: completely degenerate. With that, instead of making the heroes all pathetic failures with psychological defects, he made a monster the hero. And he isn’t even Jewish.

I hope the new Joker film doesn’t rely too much on Moore’s version of the character, and is just borrowing some of his plot elements (Moore came up with the idea of the Joker as being a failed comedian, seen in the trailer).

The director, Todd Phillips (Todd Bunzl, lol), is Jewish. So I’m sure it won’t actually be good.

Still, I’m a little excited about it, because the Joker is my favorite character. He never gets proper treatment. We might at least get some memes out of it.

Imagine thinking a Jewish Hollywood movie could deal fairly with your favorite comic book character in 2019. The absolute state of Andrew Anglin.

But the thing about that is: comic books are all created by Jews. The Joker was created by the Jews Bill Finger and Bob Kane. But as such, the villains are images of Jewish fears, which are various forms of the goyim. The Joker is the embodiment of the fear that the Jews have that the goyim will not take seriously the social norms of the societies they control. That they will see through it and laugh at all of it.

Because if you laugh at the Jewish system, all of its power disappears. Its only power is in you taking it seriously.

That is why the Jews are a lot more threatened by jokes about the Holocaust than they are by people trying to explain why you can’t have a wooden door on a homicidal gas chamber.

That is why I, a satirist who basically just wanted to make edgy jokes on the Internet, am the most censored person in history.

If I were able to make my own Batman movie with the Joker as the hero and Batman as the violent enforcer of Jewish “our values of democracy and human rights” and “pictures of brown children crying means you can’t exist anymore” authoritarianism, you know who I would cast as the Joker?

Newt Gingrich.