The Jews of the ‘Pick-Up Artist’ Industry

Daily Stormer
October 20, 2013

A “Pick-Up Artist” (PUA) is someone who is good at seducing girls. “Game” is the whole spectrum of techniques these PUA guys are employing.

Over the last couple of years, the PUA community has grown enormously and has become increasingly organized. It has become a real industry, with e-books, CD’s, seminars of $1,500 per person and many internet forums.

Damage to Our Society

This PUA industry has little or nothing to do with the traditional mating process between boys and girls, men and women. Spontaneity and sincere feelings of being in love have been replaced by a business-like “numbers-game” of harassing dozens of women, in which smiles, remarks, touches, etc. are nothing more than techniques in “closing the game,” – in other words, getting to sleep with the girl.

The so-called ‘Masters of Pick Up’ gurus, mostly Jews, are only interested in selling their products and passing on their malicious ideology to insecure boys and young men. It is a scam. They play on the weaknesses of their customers, on their fears they will never to be able to score a girl.  The Jews are offering them all sorts of alleged secret methods, for a lot of money, that have little chance of actually working anyway.

They don’t want to help you, they only want to sell to you. They aren’t that good with the ladies themselves, but their marketing skills make up for that.

Young men in the “PUA community” are encouraged to begin as many superficial relationships and sex-dates as possible with all kinds of girls, of all races. The body count is more important than the quality of the relations or of the women. Women are only objects of lust and most other men are only ‘AFCs’ (Average Frustrated Chumps).

The industry imposes a worldview, through which the Jews do immeasurable damage to the emotional development of many young men.

The Alpha-Man

The pickup gurus tell us that boys should act like assholes towards girls – they should act like arrogant, egocentric pricks. Acting like that is, as they say it, “alpha” and gets you the girls. Well, arrogance isn’t a mark of good character and sleeping with or making out with lots of STD-sluts from the dance club doesn’t make one more “alpha.” Real men see their wife or girlfriend as a valuable person, and will do all they can to be someone to be a reliable partner and father.

Instead of devoting their lives to “Game,” these young men should invest their energy in things that really matter. In work, in good books, in culture, in a good education, in a healthy relationship and in starting a family. This will be of much better use to their nation, their people and to themselves.

A List of Jews

These are the five most influential people in the PUA industry – they are all Jews.

Neil Strauss
Neil Strauss

Neil Strauss, reporter of the Rolling Stone Magazine. With his book The Game he marked the beginning of the enormous growth of the PUA community.

Ross Jeffries
Ross Jeffries

Ross Jeffries, once “the father of the PUA-movement,” now a filthy old man. He mainly speaks about Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), an over-hyped method that he claims will help you seduce women in no-time, simply by your choice of words.

David deAngelo
David deAngelo

David deAngelo  is  NOT a romantic Italian who speaks from his own experience with Mediterranean beauties. No, it is the nomme de plum of Eben Pagan, a Jew with a marketing background. He is the author of the e-book Double Your Dating, a thin booklet that promises much and delivers little. He also offers lots of seminars, records them and sells the recordings on DVD and CD.

Robert Greene
Robert Greene

Robert Greene, author of The Art of Seduction, is also well-known for his 48 Laws of Power book, where he instructs people as to how to manipulate others to gain influence.

The PUA industry can be compared to multilevel marketing and other get-rich-quick-schemes. Everyone knows those annoying ads saying “Single mum earns $500 a day from home, click here.” They play on people’s greed and fear. A lot is promised, but the product you get is pretty worthless.

Why the Jews Do This

Jews do their utmost best to poison absolutely every aspect of the society. First they poison the women with feminism, then they offer their PUA merchandise to the men frustrated by arrogant feminists.

They Jews have a lot to gain. Firstly they earn a lot from the PUA industry. If you didn’t get it by now, it’s a terribly commercial industry, in which they try to offer you more crap every two seconds.  Jewish lawyers earn from divorces and Jewish banks from the increased materialism. Singles who are constantly looking for more “status” to convince the females they are “alpha,” spend more, and thus borrow more. Apart from that, the dangerous PUA worldview causes a decrease in cohesion in society and more poisonous individualism.

“Diversity is our strength” is what the Jews say, because only when everyone only cares about himself the Jews will remain as the only cohesive force. The PUA industry is also breaking down the traditional family. People marry later, use money for clubbing or buying “alpha” items, fornicate more, divorce more, have less children and more children grow up in broken households. This all is in the interest of the Jew, who flourishes in a individualistic, materialistic society, wherein everything, no matter how wrong or depraved, is accepted.