The Jews are Getting Lazy

Rudolf von Flügel
The Right Stuff
June 5, 2016


Initially this article was meant to be an Alt-Right review of the recent X-Men: Apocalypse but the film turned out to be so bad, so un-triggering, so…empty that I had to transition (heh) or risk losing my Internet cred as The Right Stuff’s #1 Fox-themed, non-furry movie reviewer. This was not an option. Instead I decided to briefly touch on how Jews appear to be getting lazier and lazier with their propaganda in general and how it’s caused by rising Nationalist sentiment in particular. Turn your sound to a reasonable volume and cue up Vivaldi cuz this shit’s gonna get a lil’ autistic, fam. Let’s bust.

X-Men: Apocalypse is the 6-millionth installation in the vastly underwhelming film franchise that has led to more wistful sighs of resignation than any comic-themed venture ever. Except maybe for Catwoman (Our European readers will know it as Blackwoman, or Shebooncatlady in Australia). Thinking back on it, it feels like these X-Men films have been coming out since roughly 1992 but I know that can’t be true. Who knows though? According to (((Bryan Singer))), the Jew who’s had more to do with these heaps than anyone else, the linear progression of time isn’t really important to the X-Men films.

In an interview with Collider he said, “Time can always be fucked with, we’ve now learned that.” Sorta like how plaques at Auschwitz will read “4 million dead Jews here because of evil Nazis” then later say something like “1.5 million dead Chosen People killed in cold blood by heartless White Supremacists just cuz” then turn into a ballpoint-pen-written diary entry (before the ballpoint pen was invented, mind you) that says “6 billion Jews were hid under the floorboards here and beaten to death with complex hammer machines that were attached to the Nazi officers’ stationary workout bikes”. Sorta like that.

Quantum Jewchanics aside, these movies are a mess. The parties responsible kept passing them around like Chelsea Clinton at a frat party until all that was left was an empty, shattered husk of a lesb–film franchise. Kiss all of your ’90s cartoon memories goodbye, lads. Now they literally reboot their own reboots of their reboots. There were three fucking Hulk iterations in less than ten years. Smdh. This is no way to treat grown children; but I digress.

Here are the salient points for X-Men: Apocalypse: The Holocaust was mentioned within the first ten minutes of the film, including a close-up of Magneto’s concentration camp tattoo. (((Never Forget))) in fancy cursive, it read. Fifteen minutes were spent literally in Auschwitz where Apocalypse convinced Magneto to join his bad guy team. The man cast as Apocalypse, the godlike progenitor of all Mutantkind, was a Guatemalan. Mystique was presented as a tough, capable cultural icon that all of the younger mutants aspired to emulate. Jennifer Lawrence still only has two modes: “Dead-eyed Yap Yap” and “Grating New Jersey Wife”. Both of which make you want to MGTOW. Or just an hero.

All of that aside, it was actually a pretty terrible film. There was no internal consistency, all of the characters seemed to be talking at one another instead of conversing, and there were a million random shots meant to be “cool” in 3D but which came across as awkward and forced in the regular version; much like this sentence. Who the hell’s gonna spend $30 to see a gay henna-face-tattooed angel man drunkenly swoop around to Metallica in 3D? Maybe Svenpai on Family Night, but not I.

So yeah, the moviefilm was both written and directed by Jews. I went into it expecting there to be heapin’ helpin’s o’ Cultural Marxism but there really wasn’t any more than usual. Yeah, they mentioned the Holocaust at least ten times but what movie doesn’t? I turned on my local news the other day and they were talking about it. Of course, I do live in Tel Aviv but that’s beside the point. Movies are fake events that never occurred in History anyway. It makes sense that they would talk a lot about the Holocaust. ;D

So is this how it ends? After decades of unchecked influence over the hearts and minds of the Goyim, the Jew’s sway just snaps like a rope holding a grand piano over his head? Squishing him into a million smithereens and then divulging dozens of sparkling, bouncing shekels? Before the broadBASED power of the Internet they could control every aspect of every narrative through their domination of all forms of media; now they are forced to cobble together half-assed attempts at plucking heartstrings and cashing in on name recognition/fanbases. It would be pitiful if it weren’t so funny.

They used to have tight propaganda that had a pretty good chance of convincing almost anyone of anything. I remember the first time I saw Blazing Saddles I almost thought Blacks were capable of effectively holding leadership positions. Luckily I eventually had shit jobs where I was ‘managed’ by Blacks. The only thing that they ‘managed’ to do was convince me that there was Only One Solution Here To Be Honest Fam. Reality: 1 Jews: 0

But you already knew all of that, didn’t you? As an avid Alt-Rightiste (or straight up Autiste) you knew that the only way to convince any of the brain-dead normalfags that any of the Hate Facts were true was to have them experience the Brown Tide themselves. Some of them, typically of the Swedish variety, are so unsalvageable that they will literally apologize to their Muslim rapists when their buttholes are “culturally enriched” (their words, not mine!).

Perhaps I have a little bit of bias, but I think we’re doing great things. We’re hopefully changing hearts and minds without having to resort to everyone being “culturally enriched.” The main reason we’re able to swell our ranks daily is not necessarily because we’re right; it’s because we’re right and funny. We have a popular brand and everybody wants to buy it. I was going to put a quote from Herr Anglin here but that unbelievable son of a b writes like 6 million articles a day and I couldn’t find the right one. Basically he was talking about how Millennials will look down one day, seeing their limp, frail bodies, hearing their weak, petulant voices crying out for “Free stuff, etc.” and will think: “I am the uncool one. I am the weak one. This is fucking stupid. Those other guys have dank memes. I have stale ones. They have a wall. I have girls with penises.” Then they become uncucked maybe. Who knows? At least they’ll hopefully shut up and get a fashy haircut not because it’s hip but because it’s fashy.

It’s not just in film where the Jews are losing potency. However, once you decide to remake Ghostbusters with three females and a talking gorilla you’re pretty much up Shit Creek. At the time of the writing of this article (((Bill Kristol))) has presented the flabby cuck David French as the alternative to Trump. I don’t even have anything to say. Just go on Twitter. Oosh. The non-talking gorilla cuck that was killed recently would have been a better choice than this guy. Shit, maybe even both of them on a ticket together. “French-Gorilla ’16: ‘We Will Save All Da Black Kids.’” We can dream, can’t we?

It’s absolutely beyond belief. It’s nearly enough to make one quaff a whole bottle of Black Pills. But not you, O Noble Übermensch. This is a time of celebration for you. A time to don your MAGA hat and open the Rare Pepe folder on your external hard drive. Because this is when the world finally gets to see that Whites are both funnier and more blessed with agency than any group on Earth. It is for this reason that I think the Jews are getting lazy with their propaganda: They know that they’ve been bested. Our collective Will has finally summoned forth an avatar of sufficient strength and absurdity to once again cleanse the land of the Jew plague. Hopefully we can maintain our focus and ride this train out to a White ethno-State. Hell, we can at least try, fam. Anything’s better than sitting around watching shitty movies.