The Jews are Finally Coming for David Icke

In the end, the Jews come for everyone.

It really is that age old poem in action:

When the Jews came for the Nazis, I said nothing because I was not a Nazi
When the Jews came for the libertarian patriots, I said nothing because I was not a libertarian patriot
When the Jews came for the conspiracy theorists, I said nothing because I was not a conspiracy theorist
When the Jews finally came for me, there was no one to say anything because everything on the internet had already been banned by the Jews

So true.

And so sad.

Jewish Chronicle:

Antisemitic conspiracy theories circulated by former sports presenter David Icke – including a claim that Jewish cultists or “Sabbatian Frankists” are responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic – have been viewed over 30 million times on social media, a new report has revealed.

Millions have also watched Mr Icke explain how Bill Gates and “the Rothschilds” form part of that cult, and how 5G networks and vaccines have made people more vulnerable to the disease.

Research by Dr Daniel Allington for the Centre for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) suggests the conspiracy theorist’s audience of over two million followers could be worth up to £20 million in annual revenue, primarily generated by advertisers.

His YouTube videos generate ad revenue both from Google Ads and from his sponsor, an investment firm seeking to exploit the paranoia of Mr Icke’s followers.

The CCDH has called on social media company’s to remove content by Mr Icke.

On Friday, a letter supporting CCDH’s call signed by the co-chairs of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Antisemitism –  Andrew Percy and Cat McKinnell – and also by by Damian Collins, former chair of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee, was sent to the heads of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Amazon.

The Community Security Trust also signed the letter calling for Mr Icke’s “hateful and dangerous conspiracy theories to be removed from mainstream social media platforms.”

Popular medics including Dr Dawn Harper and Embarrassing Bodies star Dr Christian Jessen backed the call by CCDH  for social media companies to remove Mr Icke’s accounts from their platforms.

The CCDH report highlights Mr Icke’s long history of using his social media platforms to promote his racism.

In addition to accusing Jews of helping to plan the coronavirus outbreak, he has previously accused them of secretly being behind antisemitic attacks on their own communities and suggested that Adolf Hitler was Jewish and an agent of Zionism – both in books sold on Amazon and most recently in a video uploaded to YouTube in March of this year.

He has also used Twitter to blame migrants for a “rape epidemic” and to spread fake claims that Germany was moving to legalise rape by Muslim men.

Polling released last week showed that, despite being largely shunned by the traditional media for the past 30 years, Mr Icke is known to 51% of Brits, with one in every eight members of the population having viewed one of his videos or read his books.

The article doesn’t say the actual thing, which is that Jews believe that when Icke talks about “shape-shifting reptilians,” the Jews believe he is talking about them.

Icke has been attacked over this by the Jews since the 1990s, so it is somewhat surprising that it’s taken them this long to come for him.

I think to some extent, the Jews don’t want people to know they’re behind all of this censorship, even whilst they are relatively public about the fact they are behind all of this censorship. So if it came out “David Icke is shut down by the Jews,” they wouldn’t like that. But at this point, they’ve shut so many people down that they’ve basically just become a roving band, scouring the tubes looking for people to silence.

Basically, like in the age-old poem, there is no one to say “the Jews got Icke,” because so many people have already been silenced, and those who haven’t been silenced know that the only way they can potentially keep from being silenced is to avoid talking about Jews completely.

Jews obviously are reptile people, and they should be punished for this.