The Jewish Phenomenon: An Illustrated History
November 19, 2013

puppet1,700 BC – 135 AD

  • Tribal beginnings – sold into bondage
  • Moved out of Egypt to Palestine about 1000 BC
  • 721 BC kingdom of Israel destroyed by the Assyrians
  • 587 BC Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem
  • 538 BC Babylonians defeated by the Persians
  • 332 BC Alexander the Great took Palestine from the Persians
  • 164 BC Judas Maccabee liberated Jerusalem
  • 124 BC Jerusalem besieged by King of Syria
  • 63 BC Romans made Palestine a Roman province.
  • Jesus claims to be Messiah and condemns usury – crucifixion caused by Sanhedrin
  • Talmud vituperative against his mother
  • AD 135 – Jews disperse and their connection as a people with Palestine ends.

AD 300 – AD 1500

  • Emperor Constantine declares Christianity the religion of the Roman Empire
  • The rise of Christianity
  • Conversion of the Khazars to Judaism – Ashkenazim Jews
  • Catholic church condemns usury but permitted for Jews
  • The Crusades – Knights Templar – Judaic influence
  • Jews expelled from England
  • Jews expelled from France
  • Defeat of the Moors in Spain
  • Expulsion of the Jews from Spain
  • Expulsion of the Jews from Portugal
  • Voyage of Columbus and ultimate conquest of indigenous civilisations in South America
  • The Grand Sanhedrin in Constantinople gives the Chief Rabbi of Spain advice how to circumvent the expulsion so that

“you may dominate the world and be avenged on them.”
The first target was the Catholic Church, the powerful non-governmental organisation that unified western Christianity.

1500 AD – 2001 AD +

A succession of events brought victory

  • Jacob Fugger – the first international banker – suggested to the Pope the sale of “indulgences” to help pay for St. Peter’s in Rome.
  • The Reformation cleaved the power of the Church
  • The Borgia Pope, Alexander VI, was a converso (known by the Italians as marrani – i.e. secret Jews)
  • Torquemada – the chief inquisitor – also a converso
  • Money poured into Europe from the gold and silver of South America via the coffers of the bankers, notably Fuggers of Augsburg


  • The bankers obtained a lease on the Papal Mint, control of the silver mines in Tyrol, and monopoly of mercury. Like the Rothschilds they had an extensive intelligence service.

The next target was the ruling order

  • England’s Charles I the first monarch to lose his head
  • Oliver Cromwell allows the Jews to return to England.
  • “National” Banks – national only in name – place state funds under the control of the bankers.
  • Wars and revolutions increase National Debts
  • Freemasonry and the Illuminati profess for the first time a “New World Order”
  • Establishment of the “Bank of England”
  • Rothschilds begin to fund governments and wars.
  • French Revolution


  • American War of Independence
  • Establishment of the “Bank of France”
  • American Civil War
  • A copy of the Protocols of Zion comes into the hands of a Russian agent.
  • Establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank in the United States
  • Every American President from Woodrow Wilson onwards now has his Jewish “mentor”
  • First World War
  • Russian Revolution


  • Treaty of Versailles – an entirely Jewish arrangement that laid the foundation for the second World War
  • Second World War
  • the “holocaust” myth


  • All the major countries now under Jewish financial control
  • Foundation of Israel – a show of power


  • The 9/11 fraud perpetrated by a government on its electorate using the “bogey-man” of a terrorist plot. It was. Except the terrorists were the Israeli Mossad working inside the US government.