The Jewish Chronicle Admits Tikkun Olam is a Fraud

Diversity Macht Frei
December 14, 2018

Melanie Phillips, in the Jewish Chronicle, admits that Tikkun Olam, the concept Jews like to invoke to justify their interference in other people’s countries and cultures, is a fraud.

The Jewish Chronicle:

Young American Jews are turning against Israel principally because they are disconnecting from Judaism.

And the reason for that is their parents are generally disconnecting from Judaism, largely because of the impact of the progressive denominations to which some three quarters of American Jews subscribe and which are telling them that liberal universalist values are authentic Jewish values.

But they are not.

They are, in fact, inimical to Judaism. The community’s secular religion of tikkun olam, or supposedly Jewish social justice, is a fraud.

As Jonathan Neumann puts it in his excellent book To Heal the World?, American Jews have been led to believe that “the purpose of the Jews in the world is to campaign for higher taxes, sexual permissiveness, reduced military spending, illegal immigration, opposition to fracking, the banishment of religion from the public square and every other liberal cause under the sun — all in the name of God”.

It’s not Jewish, just, or even very social, constituting a mish-mash of Marxism, moral relativism and paganism.

So three-quarters of American Jews have contracted a kind of religious auto-immune disease, which has caused them to junk the stuff that will protect their spiritual health while eagerly embracing the stuff that will destroy it.

These Jews accuse their fellow Jews of exactly the same behaviour that anti-Semites accuse Jews of. So, in a way, they are admitting that the anti-Semites are right.

The author’s key objection seems to be that these destructive political pursuits are now being applied not just to western civilisation, but to Israel.

In other words, she is complaining that some Jews have started to believe their own lies.

Her point seems to be that Tikkun Olam [Healing the World] was a fraud to fool the Goyim, not something meant to be taken seriously by Jews.

Miscegenation with the Unchosen is also a concern. But she, and an American rabbi she talked to, finds solace in the knowledge that these foolish Jews will soon be diversified out of existence as a distinct people. Just like the Goyim who believed in the same set of ideas, they will disappear into a mass of hybrid humanity, leaving only the pure remnant of the Chosen behind.

No longer would he even attempt to persuade them they were on the path of communal self-destruction. They would never listen or change.

Within a fairly short time, given the accelerating rate of intermarriage and assimilation, that part of the community would have effectively disintegrated.  But spiritually, ethically, Jewishly, it was already lost.

…So, said the rabbi, the American Jewish community wasn’t doomed at all. It would just be smaller and look very different. It would be a remnant. But like Yavneh, the quality of that remnant would be all that would matter.

Yavneh was where Talmudic Judaism allegedly began, after the Romans had destroyed the temple in Jerusalem, making it impossible for the old form of the Jewish religion to continue, based, as it was, on the performance of sacrifice within the temple by priests.