The Jew Media is Sucking Bush 1’s Dead Benis Because He was Terrible

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 3, 2018

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the Trump presidency is that the entire kayfabe “battle” between Jewish-controlled globalist Democrats and Jewish-controlled globalist Republicans has just disappeared like ashes from Auschwitz.

The Democrats are just openly aligning with and praising the likes of the Bush family, who we were supposed to believe that they believed were pure evil.

CNN was running nonstop fawning Bush coverage all weekend. One of the lesser Bush sons in an interview specifically thanked CNN for covering it so much.

Jew Jake Tapper brought out the house nigger Colin “Colon” Powell to talk about how this guy – who is hardly even remembered much at all, and actually lost an election to Bill Clinton – was the greatest ever guy.

The WaPo printed a story claiming that now that Bush is dead, Trump has to live up to his… personality traits?

“Honorable,” “gracious” and “decent” are not policy positions.

Being “a nice person” is good, I guess, and that’s good if Bush was really a nice person. But I don’t see what the hell that has to do with anything.

Of course, the implication is that these personality traits should be public policy. That article attached to that headline vaguely tries to explain this as “respect for institutions” and so on.

But the Post printed another article on Sunday about an actual policy.

Is “free trade” the policy manifestation of the values of being a nice person?

If so, how so?

If not, then why is the entire media talking about how Bush was such a gentle soul and comparing this to Trump?

A lot of people would argue that free trade is horrible, and would also say that it doesn’t matter if the guy arguing for free trade is a really, really nice person, and the person arguing against it is a complete asshole who grabs women by the pussy – the fact that it is a bad policy remains true.

What about invading Iraq?

Is that also what it looks like to transmute being a nice person into public policy decision making?

If so, then I must ask a question of the great philosopher: “what’s so civil about war anyway?”

A lot of people certainly believe that these Middle East wars are a real bad deal, and don’t care how nice a person is when arguing that we have to go kill Arabs on the other side of the planet for no reason anyone can even explain (because the actual explanation is anti-Semitic).

Bush 1 was a shit-tier leader. If people remember him as anything other than terrible, it is because the times were less terrible, because his terrible type of politics hadn’t yet destroyed America. The stuff that he and Clinton did in the 90s paved the way for the hell we currently inhabit.