The Jew Hates Our Freedoms

Modern Heretic
May 9, 2015


Maybe if we give up all our rights the “minority” will start to approximate civilized human behavior. This is the bottom level of appeasing the other, after the spending, the special rights, the unearned promotions, the dead White victims, the apologies and groveling. We have too many freedoms and the jew is here to explain why this is a Bad Thing. Welcome to today’s U.S.S.A. A nation founded on the right to dissent and express unpopular opinions now prepares for Speech laws, Thought Crime and Face Crime punishments. The stinking corpse of our dead country releases foul kosher gasses as a hideously ugly jewess attacks our most basic rights in the name of communism, White genocide and the final planned demolition of our homelands. Trust the jew alien, cattle. They know what’s best.

Trust me.

Thought Catologue:

Recent scandals involving right-wing hatemongers like Phil Robertson, Donald Sterling, Bill Maher, and the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity have brought to light one of America’s biggest embarrassments: the fact that America remains the only country in the world without any legal protections against hate speech.

Our embarrassing inherent rights, not like cool and soulful communist tyranny. Give up your freedoms to win the approval of the international jew, goyim. We must prevent Christians from discussing the contents of the Bible, panty-raiding frat boys from being naughty and Bill somebody from doing whatever he did wrong. To confuse the gentile we’ll even throw a wealthy jew into this collection of ungood. He’s already got his shekels, I’m sure he can take it.

In any other country, people like Phil Robertson and Donald Sterling would have been taken before a Human Rights Commission and subsequently fined and/or imprisoned and/or stripped of their right to public comment for making comments that incite hatred and violence against vulnerable minorities.

This is real and not a parody. I know, how can you even tell these days. A jewess advocates for Soviet-style “commissions,” unpeople vanishing, gulags and all those other wonderful things The Light of the World has given us.

But, in the US, such people are allowed to freely incite hatred and violence against vulnerable minorities with impunity, as the US lacks any legal protections against any forms of hate speech – even the most vile and extreme forms of hate speech remain completely legal in the so-called “land of the free.”

I can’t believe we’re not locking people up for words in the so-called “land of the free.” The jew is truly irony-proof.

Dykes, jews, wise la-teen-ah, pet negro…must be White privilege!

Not only is this a violation of the most basic and fundamental human rights principles, but it’s also an explicit violation of legally-binding international human rights conventions.

The human right to declare unpopular opinions “hate” and eliminate the thought criminals. Who will define what, exactly, is “hate?” Three guesses, first two don’t count.

As of 2015, the US is the only country in the world where hate speech remains completely legal.

Get with the majority, the Bolsheviks.

This is, in fact, a flagrant violation of international human rights law.

Note the bizarre jew obsession with “international” law. No borders, no nations, no culture or identity. A sea of brown slaves to be ruled over by g*d’s chosen. The jew is always an alien and an outsider, a foreign parasite in whatever country it is found, a satanic evil in human form.

By failing to prosecute hate speech, the US is explicitly and flippantly violating international human rights law. No other country would be allowed to get away with this, so why would the US? The United Nations has stated many times that international law has absolute authority.

The hatred this jewess has for ordinary Whites is palpable.

The US is required to outlaw hate speech.

Well, if a communist one-worlder jew thinks it’s a good idea, that must be the case.

The “White men” in charge.

I have always been a major champion of the unalienable right to freedom of speech.

LOL. Again, this is real. It’s not a joke. Let that sink in.

However, like all democratic rights, the right to freedom of speech comes with responsibility, and freedom of speech has to be balanced against other freedoms.

We must balance it against the freedom to insert objects into the rectum, the freedom to think a very narrow grouping of pre-approved kosher opinions, the freedom to quietly die, etc.

In the words of Irwin Cotler, who is perhaps the single most prominent human rights activist in Canada:

“The truth is no defense.”

In all other countries, it’s simply common sense that freedom of speech doesn’t protect hate speech.

It just makes sense that whatever your rulers decide is wrong should be outlawed.

It’s not something that’s even up for debate.

Argue with the secret police and the gulag, Whitey.

Everyone learns in school that hate speech is not free speech, and nobody would ever question this.

Who would ever question the communist indoctrination center and its wonderful lessons?

American society is a deeply racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, patriarchal, Islamophobic, and anti-human rights society.

Citation missing. Back in reality the appeasement and surrender continues, the tolerance and suicidal altruism. We’ve opened our gates to racial enemies and spiritual evil and are now paying a heavy price for this misguided attempt at “justice.” Our big reward is being called names by our executioner.

The American government is a profoundly racist government where, despite the presence of Barack Obama, the vast majority of people with the most power are privileged white men.

Your new role-model.

The racist government of the United States certainly does not allow minorities to have a voice, as, like all Western governments, the US government is run by privileged white men who, quite frankly, couldn’t care less about the basic human rights of vulnerable minorities.

There’s ordinary dishonesty and then there’s this. Whites don’t even have a word for it, but the jew does. Chutzpah.

There is an endless amount of evidence showing just how deeply-entrenched racism is in the United States government.

I can’t actually produce any and over the last fifty years we’ve seen one tax-payer funded initiative after another directed at helping the “minority,” but I guess we’re never going to get that “Thank you,” not even on our tombstone.

As children, when we say something rude, hateful, or disrespectful, an adult “sets us straight” and punishes us.

You’re a child, goy. The jew-controlled government is your parent and will use the rod of correction to bring you into line.

For an example of the approach that America should seek to emulate, the US should again look towards Australia.

It’s time to stop allowing right-wing bigots and hatemongers to hide behind “freedom of speech.”

We’re so sick of the shkotzim trying to hide behind so-called freedoms.

It’s time to bring the hammer down on hate speech in the US. The time to start doing that is right now.

Hammer down.