“The Italians Need to be Accompanied in the Change of Composition of Their Population”

Diversity Macht Frei
March 2, 2018

Kyenge in Macerata after Luca Traini made his dramatic gesture of defiance

Cécile Kyenge is an African who invaded Italy illegally. Somehow she was allowed to stay, acquired citizenship and, at one point, became a minister in the Italian government. She is still an MEP and regularly lectures Italians on how evil they are for wanting to exist, and makes prolific use of the criminal law to persecute Italians who express unhappiness about the genocide being inflicted on them by their own government.

With the Italian elections upcoming on March 4, she was interviewed (in French) recently on La Matinale, a Swiss radio program. Almost the entirety of the discussion focused on the supposed racism, fascism and irrational hatred of the Italians, as revealed by the fact that some of them do not want to simply hand their country over to Africans.

In the course of the discussion, Kyenge made the following extraordinary remarks.

Interviewer: In Italy, these fascist, xenophobic, racist demonstrations…you are of Congolese origin, you were the first black minister in Italy, you had to endure racist insults from members of the Italian political class, very violent insults, we won’t go back over that, is there a specific problem in Italy because in Switzerland, for example, that would be completely impossible?


Kyenge: It’s not a specific problem in Italy. But racism exists. There are laws that are badly applied. There is a population that needs to be *accompanied in this change, I can say, this change of population, the change in the composition of the population, the mobility is not specific to Italy, it’s a global phenomenon.

[Il y a une population qui a besoin d’être accompagnée dans ce changement, je peux dire, ce changement de la population, le changement de la composition de la population, c’est un phénomène global.]

*Alongside its obvious English equivalent, the French word accompagner can also have the meaning of “to support, to assist”.  

Yes, it’s a global phenomenon. All white people, it seems, need to be accompanied in the change in the composition of our population. We should be grateful for thoughtful Africans like Cécile Kyenge who want to support us in this difficult time.