The Iranian Hack Attack was Obviously Fake – But I Doubt the US Response Was!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 23, 2019

The US government claimed Friday that the Iranians were hacking their mainframe.

Straight up doing the cyber on them.

Everyone knew that was a stupid hoax. But I seriously doubt the US retaliation was a hoax.


US Cyber Command launched a retaliatory cyberstrike last week against an Iranian spy group, according to a US official and a former US intelligence official familiar with the matter.

USCC attacked the spy group, which has ties to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, after Iran attacked ships in the region, the officials said.

The US official added the online strike targeted an Iranian spy group’s computer software that was used to track the tankers that were targeted in the Gulf of Oman on June 13.

A spokesman for the Pentagon would not comment on the matter Saturday, saying that “as a matter of policy and for operational security, we do not discuss cyberspace operations, intelligence or planning.”

Yahoo! News first reported the US cyberstrike against Iran.

The exchanged attacks come following a tumultuous week between the two countries. Iran shot down an American drone Thursday, prompting President Donald Trump to pursue a retaliatory strike against Iran.

Trump said Friday that he called off the attack on Iran — with the US “cocked & loaded”– 10 minutes before the strike because he decided there would be too many deaths for a proportionate response to the downing of an American drone. He claimed Saturday that he is “getting a lot of praise” for his abrupt decision to reverse course.


If you’re getting a lot of praise for not doing insane things, then you might just be surrounded by sycophants.

Imagine if you said “I was going to kill my wife and kids yesterday and chop up their bodies and put them in the freezer, but then ten minutes before, I decided not to” – and then people started praising you for being such a good person.

Would you feel really good about yourself? Or would you maybe wonder what was wrong with the people around you, that they would praise you for not engaging in a random act of brutal destruction?

Moving this to “cyberwar” is actually something I can give praise for though. Because that mostly is a total joke. No one can say if anyone actually did anything, unless like, the power grid shuts down. It’s a literal virtual war.

It’s “The Gulf War Did Not Take Place” on steroids.