The Internet Renews Call for Breitbart Editor to Step Down and be Replaced with Sam Hyde

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 16, 2015

Does Breitbart need Sam Hyde? Many activists think so.
Does Breitbart need Sam Hyde? Many activists think so.

Revolt against the confusing angle presented by intensified Tuesday, with calls by the Internet for the editor Alexander Marlow to step down and be replaced with activist leader Sam Hyde.

The call comes after Breitbart announced that it was opening an office in Jerusalem.

Using the hashtags #HydeNOW and #NoHydeNoPeace, the Internet is claiming Breitbart is failing to represent the interests of the White race, and is “pandering to terrorist Jews.”

“I think the Internet is right,” said Andrew Anglin, an anti-Jew activist, “people have had enough of these kikes trying to Jew us, and Breitbart has too long served as a figurehead for all manner of vicious kikery.”

In the past, whenever the Internet has ever called for anything, its demands have been met. However, the Christ-killing Jews who control the media have a vested interest in Sam Hyde not being made the Editor of Breitbart.

One of the main writers on Breitbart is the parasite Jew Ben Shapiro, who regularly rips off content from Nazis regarding the Moslem invasion of Europe and the homo agenda, but then goes on to demand that Whites go fight in wars and die for Jew-Israel.

Internet activists have labeled Ben Shapiro as "evil" and "the greasiest kike of all."
Internet activists have labeled Ben Shapiro as “evil” and “the greasiest kike of all,” and claimed that he should be “gassed like the insectoid pest that he is.”

“If Hyde gets in, the first thing he’s going to do is fire Shapiro. He’ll do that kike Trump-style.” Anglin said, apparently referring to Donald Trump’s catchphrase on his hit reality TV series “The Apprentice.”

Following a banning from Twitter, Anglin is currently on hunger strike until Shaun King resigns and the CEO of Twitter returns his tweeting privileges and reads him a handwritten apology. He has added to his hungry demands the demand that Sam Hyde be made editor of Breitbart. He posted a selfie where his ribs are visible with the caption “No Hyde, No Peace.”

His personal doctor Heinrich Von Schnidenhaffel has said that he “could be dead in a matter of hours,” and urged Breitbart to “act with swiftness and courage, to get Hyde in the captain’s seat.”

The establishment views Hyde as a "loose cannon," who could "pop-off at any time."
The establishment views Hyde as a “loose cannon,” who could “pop-off at any time.”

Anglin claims to be planning a “Million Sam March” in front of the Breitbart headquarters in Los Angeles.

“People are angry” said Anglin, “they want Hyde, not this kike nonsense. No one cares if Jews are getting stabbed or dying of AIDS or whatever is happening to them. We care about Donald Trump.”

Anglin has expressed a desire to turn Breitbart into a propaganda outlet for Donald Trump, as well as aggressive anti-Semitism.
Anglin has expressed a desire to turn Breitbart into a virulent propaganda outlet for Donald Trump.

Tom Metzger, former leader of the White Aryan Resistance, said that “the time is now” for Sam Hyde to “dominate the entire media like a ni**er rapist.”

Anglin declined to comment on whether or not he supports Metzger’s metaphor of Sam Hyde performing an interracial rape on Breitbart News Network.

Breitbart did not immediately respond to media inquiries.