The Insane Jews That Created Common Core

Daily Slave
May 30, 2014

David Coleman: Coming at you
David Coleman: Coming at you

Parents around the United States are quickly coming to the realization that the Common Core State Standards Initiative is insane and actually makes it more difficult for a child to learn anything substantive.  Take for example the unnecessary and ridiculous processes they want children to use just to subtract numbers.  Even the National Review published an article providing several examples that clearly illustrates the madness that is Common Core.  The intent of Common Core is to brainwash children into obsessing over processes and irrelevant details versus solving a problem in the most effective and efficient manner possible.  It should be no surprise that this retarded and crazy system was primarily dreamed up by Jews.  Many Jews are mentally ill due to years of inbreeding and possess a biological craving to destroy, infiltrate and ruin anything good that exists in the natural world.  It is really sad that their insanity is now being used to destroy the minds of children.

The Jewish Daily Forward openly brags in a 2013 article that the primary architect of Common Core is a Jew by the name of David Coleman. Coleman is pictured above.  As hard as it is to believe this guy looks more Jewish than current CNN President Jeff Zucker who is arguably one of the most Jewish looking Jews on the planet.  Below is an excerpt from the article describing Coleman.

Today, Coleman, a Jewish man with colorful socks who speaks at an urgent clip, is the most influential education figure you’ve never heard of. As president of the College Board, a national education company, he is redesigning the SAT, the standardized test which high school seniors take for college admission, and he is expanding the Advanced Placement program, which offers college-level classes and tests for high school students.

He is perhaps best known as the architect of the Common Core State Standards Initiative, meant to bring divergent state learning goals into alignment. Public schools in 47 states will begin teaching the Core in English Language Arts this fall. But as standardized testing increasingly comes under attack, and as teachers and politicians from both the left and right try to roll back the Common Core, it’s unclear what Coleman’s legacy will be.

Even more telling is the fact that the article suggests that the Common Core State Standards Initiative was inspired by Judaism.

Coleman gleaned many lessons from his bar mitzvah, said Jason Zimba, a Common Core co-writer and lifelong friend who taught mathematics at Bennington College, where Coleman’s mother Elizabeth served as president. “The idea that the child’s serious attention to this venerated, beautiful text is valued by the adults and even the rabbi is to David a beautiful thing,” Zimba said. “I’ve listened to him talk about that.”

The Colemans held David’s bar mitzvah in their home instead of in a fancy hall. It sent Coleman a clear message: What mattered most was his speech on his Torah portion, Joseph’s interpretation of Pharaoh’s dream. “I wondered why Joseph is so often humiliated, why Joseph is thrown down so many times before he interprets the dreams for Pharaoh,” Coleman recalled. “Three times before the interpretation, he’s thrown down. Why? If you read the text carefully what gradually emerges in Joseph is… a kind of achieved humility.”

The experience of conducting a deep exegesis at age 13 framed Coleman’s thinking about education. “The idea that kids can do more than we think they can is one of Judaism’s most beautiful contributions,” he said. Asking 13-year-olds to give a prepared speech in front of people they love is a bold charge, not unlike encouraging disadvantaged kids who don’t see themselves as academically minded to take AP courses. “I wish kids could encounter more stretched opportunities like that in school — all kids,” he said.

Further on in the article it once again suggests that Coleman’s Jewish roots were an inspiration for Common Core.

While working on the Grow Network, Coleman tried to “fill the promise that assessment results could actually improve kids’ lives,” he said. But he found that educational problems run deeper: The standards the tests were trying to measure “were so vast and vague, it’s hard to make high-quality assessments.” Coleman sold the Grow Network to McGraw-Hill, and formed Student Achievement Partners, a not-for-profit that now helps states implement the Common Core standards. In 2008, he and Zimba co-wrote a seminal paper calling for “math and science standards that are fewer, clearer, higher.”

These ideas, Sherman speculated, stem from Coleman’s religious background. “He grew up in a family that extremely prioritized the value and importance of a deep, broad education,” Sherman said. “Those Jewish values toward education have a lot to do with his belief system: Every child should be a smart thinker, a deep thinker, someone who’s analytical and probing.” Coleman also believes that religious texts have a place in the public school curriculum.

Of course Coleman isn’t the only Jew that has been involved in the creation of Common Core.  Another Jew by the name of Michael Cohen the President of Achieve has also helped to corrupt young minds with these evil standards.  Achieve was formed in the 1990s in order to help standardize what children get taught in all 50 states so naturally the organization played a key role in Common Core.

The fact that Jews played a major role in creating Common Core is reason enough to reject it.  These standards have been implemented with the sole purpose of turning our children into drooling retards who are incapable of solving problems efficiently.  If you have children and they attend the public brainwashing system you are out of your mind.  Please remove your children from these Jewish brainwashing facilities immediately for their own mental health and sanity.