The Infostormer Episode 16: Alt-Right Art and Beyond with Emily Youcis

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
February 11, 2018

This episode features a two hour long discussion with Emily Youcis. We talk about her new Alt-Right cartoon “Waking Up” and much much more.

Here’s just some of the many topics that we explored throughout the show.

  • Art in the Alt-Right.
  • Recent Alt-Lite chicanery.
  • Jewish control over the music industry.
  • The demonic nature of Jews and their promotion of death and suicide.
  • Jewish feminism and coverture.
  • Charlottesville and internet censorship.
  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
  • Donald Trump’s presidency.
  • The future of the Alt-Right and the movement in general.
  • Lifting weights, exercise and staying in shape.