The Indian Who Got into Med School by Pretending to be Black

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 10, 2015

This is an interview with the Indian-American who pretended to be Black to get into med school.

Video description:

Getting in to medical school can be hard for anyone. But is it easier for some than others? Indian American Vijay was too afraid to be rejected so he changed his looks and first name to “Jo Jo” and got accepted as African American. He is now releasing a book despite being criticized for abusing the system. Author of “Almost Black: The True Story Of An Indian American Who Got Into Medical School Posing As An African American” Vijay Chokal Ingam is In the NOW.

There is nothing new here. Of course this is the way affirmative action works. It is the very concept of affirmative action – helping Blacks (mainly) get into university despite their low IQs.

Despite the fact that it is an example of standard practice, I am glad this particular case is drawing attention to the issue. It brings it out of the abstract and into the real.

The obvious solution is to stop expecting Blacks to be capable of competing with Whites. I have said for a long time that this is the real racism, as it simply sets Blacks up for constant failure. Even with affirmative action, they are still left incapable of actually competing, and are simply doomed to a life of open incompetence and shame. Everyone knows that when they see a Black doctor, they fear being worked on by them, as they know that in all likelihood they entered and were pushed through med school by affirmative action, and thus are likely totally incapable.

The answer would be to allow Blacks their own colleges, which have lower standards. Blacks can then serve as doctors and whatever else in their own communities. Or, I guess this would have been the answer. No longer is it the answer as we have gone too far down this path of destruction, and now the only real solution is separation.