The Independent Publishes Article Justifying Physical Violence Against Dissidents – Then Deletes It

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 23, 2017

The Independent has published an article entitled “Yes, it is OK to punch a Nazi like Richard Spencer in the face” on their blog, but it was deleted within two hours of its posting.

The article, written by a woman called Kirsty Major, was saved on archive. The content is summed up in the headline. She argues that random acts of violence are acceptable against those who disagree with the ruling establishment doctrine.

Kirsty Major, right.

This has become a standard position of the mainstream left, basically. The Nation recently published an article not only justifying violence against political dissidents, but openly calling for more of it. But the joy that Kirsty Major takes in the attack on Spencer is a bit frightening. Or at least it would be to someone who isn’t familiar with how utterly vile childless women involving themselves in politics really are.

Some people see poetry in motion in a bird taking flight across a wide open sea, or a tree dancing in the wind – I see it in the clip of white nationalist Richard B Spencer being sucker-punched in the face by an anarchist.

In a moment of Fibonacci perfection, a member of the J20 black bloc emerges from the lower left-hand side of a shot of Spencer talking to camera about his Pepe the Frog lapel pin, (the anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic and anti-feminist cartoon mascot of the “alt-right”). His right arm arches upward across the frame toward Spencer’s face, and with the full weight of his body behind his clenched fist, he lands the meanest hook onto his victim’s jaw.

That landing, in my opinion, was second only to the one on the moon. Spencer stumbles to the right, followed by a scrum of cameramen with lightning reflexes, while the masked attacker springs back, temporarily stunned by his own magnificence, before running off into New York’s urban sprawl.

Did he run all the way to New York from Washington then?

Why would she not know what city this happened in?

Opponents of “The Meme to End all Memes” say that in a democracy we should be able to vigorously debate our views free from the threat of violence. Socking one to a fascist will only serve to perpetuate divisions already present in the American body politic. To this I say: you try having a reasonable discussion with Richard Spencer.

Debate is reliant upon an exchange between two rational actors; the “alt-right”, fascists, white supremacists, identitarians, neo-Nazis, the KKK or whatever else they want to call themselves aren’t rational actors.

I’m not saying that we all need to go out and start training in our own anti-fascist versions of Dumbledore’s Army. To be clear this is not to encourage or incite further attacks, but none of us should lose any sleep over this particular incident. If you want to go on peaceful demonstrations like the Women’s March, go for it. If you want to sit at home and write a letter to your representative, you can do that too.

These are all tools in our political toolbox, and we need to use them all to bash neo-Nazis over the head with. They can work symbiotically: radical acts of resistance, such as smacking fascists in the face, move policy-makers closer to more peaceful and widely accepted protest movements in an attempt to quell unrest. We need to come at them from all sides.

Well, if it’s okay to punch anyone who you subjectively view to be irrational, then surely most people on the planet would agree that Ashley Judd deserves punched in the face, no?

“All violence is justified if you deem an individual’s political beliefs to be irrational” is a seemingly very dangerous political philosophy, but this is the new meme, which was spreading before the election but is sure to become a cornerstone of leftist ideology now.

I guess the Independent wasn’t ready for it though.

This “inappropriate article followed by quick deletion” process is not unheard of, as many sites allow journalists to automatically post their articles if it’s believed they won’t post something inappropriate.

By this time next year, it will be totally accepted by the entire left that random physical attacks on the streets against anyone who disagrees with you politically are morally justified. Because if the standard is “I believe they are irrational,” then it is literally anyone who disagrees with you on anything that can be a target.

As Trump supports were during the campaign.

As I have said repeatedly, them declaring a physical war on us is theoretically a very good thing. Because we can win that. If Spencer would have had guards with him when he was attacked, the attacker would have been beaten senseless, legally, and that would have been the meme instead of the initial sucker-punch.

But it might not even come to that. The Trump administration is pressing felony riot charges against the 230 antifa that were arrested in DC, and I’m thinking that if just a few of them get sentenced to 4-5 years in prison, George Soros is going to have a real hard time finding people willing to riot for $150 a day.


Well, this is a pretty major win (PUN INTENDED) – Kirsty Major has deleted her Twitter account.

She had previously used the account to tweet the article in question.

Are you tired of winning yet?