The Incel Rebellion is Finally Here

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 5, 2018

Reading the headlines of msm publications, you would think that this was a serious terror plot. Guys who can’t get laid planning to kill us all. Not the Moslems, mind you. A bunch of kids on the internet and still in grade school.

Idk what to say.

They’ve been memeing the beta uprising for years on the Chans and now after all this time, the media is helping them meme it as well.

The Independent:

Unlucky in love. Lonely hearts. Is there anything sadder or more poignant? Or, we now need to add, more terrifying. Losers in the great competition to find a partner, dropouts from the school of seduction, have become organised and weaponised and are fighting back. Losers hate winners, or “Chads” and “Stacys” as they call them. And they now have a new brand name, “incel”, or involuntary celibates.

The massacre-by-hire-car last week in Toronto was carried out by a self-professed incel, Alek Minassian. Ten people were killed, eight of them women. Not so random. A hero cop arrests the guy without firing a shot. The whole of Canada is suffering from a form of PTSD.

But another twist in the tale is how minimally this story has been reported or analysed in foreign parts (with a few heroic exceptions), so that the country is feeling not just injured and assaulted and abused, but to some extent insulted to boot.

Pretty sure I heard a convincing case that this guy did what he did because of something related to the Armenian genocide.

But let’s not throw any breaks on this train lol. 

The Independent isn’t the only one writing about the incel rebellion.

Everyone in the msm is jumping in on it too.

No way this guy isn’t an incel himself.

I think this has a lot of accelerationism potential. It’s time for Western governments to start treating every man not out doing drugs, listening to nigger music and chasing after fat sluts as a potential TERRORIST.


The thing about Columbine that few could have predicted at the time was the subculture cult status that school shooters and terrorists would start to get.

Lonely, asocial and weird kids – our sick culture makes more and more of them every day – have started to see these shooters and terrorists as heroes.

This Armenian probably had nothing to do with incel culture and the beta uprising. 

But the liberals are right that it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. And it was their ridiculous policies that were to blame.

So whether it’s muzzie terror attacks or kids hopped up on SSRIs popping off at their mean classmates, we’re going to see a lot more fireworks go off in the West before this is all over.