The Importance of Free Speech

Edwin White
Daily Stormer
August 11, 2015


After watching videos of Australian Aborigines which had been posted by another Nationalist, I began thinking about how it is obvious to everyone here that massive numbers of our people have been brainwashed into believing in an equality cult. And the moment you see through this system, it comes crashing down and you can never believe in it again. Once you know that Aborigines have an average IQ which is significantly less than that of Westerners, suddenly all of the government programs and moral indignation seem like some farcical joke.

At the same time as this, we have the phenomenon of Jewish organizations suing and defaming anyone who engages in “hate speech.” This is proof enough that the Jews are no longer able to debate us on an intellectual level. They still have the upper-hand in terms of holding more “authority,” but their supposed intellectual superiority disappeared a long time ago. The Jews need to hammer away at free speech because if we are given the right to discuss these things then they will be publically shown to have lost the scientific high ground.

This hurts us on a very deep level because I believe that our people require open debate more so than any other race on the planet. Blacks are impulsive, the Jews tend to be extremely talented at ethnic networking so as to slowly and quietly improve their position in society, and the Asians tend to be very talented at sensing what is best for their group and pursuing it. Our people need free speech to organize and lay out our group interests.

This is where I believe Kevin MacDonald has made his biggest mistake in analyzing Whites. He claims that we are not cohesive enough because harsh weather in Europe created a hyper-altruistic race. But this does not explain why throughout most of our history our people fought bravely against every foreign enemy Europe ever had. The Persians, Carthagians, Huns, Alans, Avars, Mongols, Islamic Armies, and dozens of others all attacked our people and we went on to defeat them. So why is there no massive counter action against what is happening to our people now?

When I think of our nations and what is happening to them, it reminds me of a person whose immune system is not recognizing a foreign pathogen which is ruthlessly killing the body, one cell at a time. We have occasional signs of resistance but there is no coordinated push-back against the foreign antagonists because, like in the case of an auto-immune disorder, our body isn’t recognizing the pathogens afflicting us as foreign.

Why? I keep thinking about this question and the only answer I can bring myself to is that our immune system is broken because it is utterly uncoordinated. In the human body there are dendritic cells which play a key role in the immune system by presenting pathogens as foreign to the T cells. These cells can’t kill viruses or bacteria, but they coordinate the response to these pathogens. If they don’t function, we die.

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Free speech is to Westerners what these cells are to the body’s immune system. Free speech is how we coordinate our response to those who wish to destroy our nations. Without it, we appear to be overly altruistic because we cannot identify what is actually in our own best interests. I know everyone here already knows how important free speech is, but I think that some of the pro-White leaders would rather pretend that we are too altruistic. Kevin MacDonald is a wonderful scientist and I have immense respect for him, but Jared Taylor has used the altruism argument too and seems to have used it to avoid discussing the Jewish Issue. Instead he basically claims that “we are in this situation because we are too nice and wanted to give everything we have to third world people.” That is irrational. Every day, I see more and more Whites getting angry at the situation we are in. We never voted for this, we never marched for it, and we never even wanted it.

So what does this mean in terms of creating a strategy to win this fight? If we are the immune system of our nation, we need to spread the message of who the enemy is. But we need a better way of doing it. In an immune response, the virus is eventually destroyed by stopping it from spreading to healthy cells. One way of doing this is to present a related antigen so that cells can recognize the actual one that is hurting the body. We might not be able to talk openly about Jews yet, but we can talk about subjects that are related so that the intelligent class of people amongst our nations slowly begins to wake itself up. So how can we do a better job of achieving this?

Why isn’t Jared Taylor trying to speak at high schools across the nation? His work helps some people become racially aware, which then leads some to become aware of the Jewish Issue. Many schools would certainly reject him, but others would be glad to have a Yale educated man who once taught at Harvard speak at their school. Especially if he termed himself a “White Civil Rights Activist” and played the victimized scholar card. But he doesn’t want to do that. He only wants to speak at universities. Egotism and hubris are considered sins for a reason. They are antithetical to victory.

We need to cause young people to realize that race is real and to also quietly make them realize Jews aren’t European, because they will figure out the rest for themselves. We need to get our message into the high schools because the longer people are indoctrinated, the harder it is to break down the brainwashing.

And if we do this, maybe we will motivate the next Leonidas, Scipio Africanus, Charlemagne, or Hitler. There are hundreds of millions of Whites and out there amongst them there is one with the intellect, motivation, and inherent moral goodness to want to fight for our people and to act as a leader. Socrates had Plato as a student, who had Aristotle, who tutored Alexander the Great. I am firmly convinced that one day our people will produce a leader who will be just as astonishing as any of the leaders we have ever had in the past and when such a person rises we won’t say “ah, we finally have another Hitler.” We will be happy to have a new leader for a new era with new issues. We need a new leader and we can only create one by waking up our youth.

Let’s brainstorm some ways of doing this. Any idea is good. Please don’t think to yourself “no, that idea is stupid, I’m not going to share it.” Throw it out there. Anything you think of, just say it and maybe it will work or inspire a better plan. Please, help us create ideas to wake up the youth.