The Illuminati Conspiracy is Good for Jews

Daily Slave
June 18, 2014


After growing frustrated with the endless lies that are propagated through the Jewish controlled media, many people come across information about a group known as the Illuminati.  This is a secretive group that is accused of being behind a conspiracy to establish a one world government or New World Order.  Some of the research and information about the Illuminati on the surface level does seem to make sense, but after careful analysis it becomes clear that much of what has been said about this group at least in recent times has been promoted for the benefit of Jewish power.

To provide some historical context to this, the Bavarian Illuminati was founded by the Jesuit Adam Weishaupt back in 1776.  Its goal was to overthrow established monarchies and religion in order to establish a one world government through a variety of subversive methods.  It was successful in infiltrating Masonic lodges and essentially entrenched itself as a secret society within a secret society.  Unfortunately for the group, some of its secretive communications were intercepted resulting in the Bavarian government outlawing secret societies during the mid 1780s.  A large chunk of the group’s literature was also seized and eventually published.  This was said by many historians to represent the end of the Bavarian Illuminati.

Despite this, books such as John Robison’s Proofs of a Conspiracy and Augustin Barruel’s Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism written in the 1790s would reject this notion.  They claimed that the Illuminati survived and was one of the key driving forces behind the French Revolution.  It is an interesting thesis considering that Freemasons seemed to have played a major role in the French Revolution.  What is also worth noting is that the French Revolution was good for Jews as they were emancipated shortly after its conclusion.  This would eventually lead to the emancipation of other European Jews in the years to come.  Assuming that Robison’s and Barruel’s assertions were correct, the interests of the Jews and the Illuminati appeared to be one in the same.

Another book called Fundamental Laws: A Report of the 68th Convocation of the Rose Cross Order published in 1916 contains lectures allegedly from members of various secret societies.  These lectures contain numerous references to the Illuminati.  One of these lectures actually claims that the United States was founded upon the philosophical principles of the Illuminati.  The material in this book seems to indicate that the Illuminati in some form may have survived as an official group into the early part of the 20th century.

In more recent times, we have only been provided with superficial proof of the Illuminati’s continued existence.  In the sense that the Illuminati is a sort of brand name used to describe a network of different secret societies and groups than one could argue that the group still exists at least in that form.  Secret societies have made claims to be connected to the Illuminati simply as a way to recruit members.  This does not mean that the Illuminati exists as a formal organization or there is proof that the Illuminati is a group secretly steering world events.  Both of these assertions are speculative at best.

Today much of what is used as alleged proof of the Illuminati comes from content provided by the movie, television and music industry.  These industries have been dominated by Jews for years which means that Jews are the ones choosing to put out this material.  This appears to have been done intentionally so people focus their attention on researching the Illuminati instead of Jewish power.  They have intentionally planted easter eggs referencing the Illuminati, Freemasonry, the occult and other associated topics which is meant to make people in the conspiracy community believe that they have found additional proof of an Illuminati conspiracy.  The concept of the Illuminati has also been featured in many Hollywood films like the 2001 film Tomb Raider and the 2009 film Angels and Demons.  These are obviously not accidents.

One website that regularly analyzes this material is the Vigilant Citizen.  Even though the symbolic analysis put out by the website is interesting, there is little if any mention in their articles that most of the companies putting out this material are run by Jews.  This is a key fact that the website operator(s) apparently do not want their readers to know.  Instead, they want their readers focusing an endless amount of energy on the consistent diet of occult symbolism that these Jewish controlled companies feed them.

The true nature of the Illuminati as it exists today is a subject of great speculation and debating back and forth about it is not going to get us any closer to the truth about it.  This is why the debate about an Illuminati conspiracy to control the world is good for Jews and is exactly why they have chosen to promote it in this fashion.

Even if we were to assume that everything about the Illuminati conspiracy is real, it should be obvious that Jewish interests are playing a major role in the conspiracy since they have chosen to willfully promote their symbolism.  We also see how the alleged interests of the Illuminati and Jews seem to have been one in the same considering the events of the French Revolution.  It should be obvious that Jews are at the very least willing participants in the conspiracy if we operate under these assumptions.

So no matter how you look at this, the logical conclusion is the same.  It makes more sense to spend our time exposing the role of Jewish power than endlessly speculate about the role of a shadowy group that may or may not be secretly controlling the world.  It is much easier to prove that Jews who represent a very small percentage of the American population somehow manage to maintain controlling interests in the banking system, the media, the entertainment industry and other powerful American institutions.  Their control of these organizations is obviously a major problem considering all of the turmoil that is happening in the world today.

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